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We believe in fostering opportunities to improve, learn and share good practice

Kamelia Renata G.

Xoomworks Technology follows the principles of continuous process improvement inherent in a predominantly agile environment. With Customers, we use the Xoomworks One Team™ methodology, our unique set of guiding principles that deal with the critical elements and opportunities of successful technology innovation and transformation projects.

We believe in fostering opportunities to improve, learn and share good practice

We facilitate feedback and retrospective review across the company with a focus on sharing learnings from past experience. We use a variety of tools to support this including establishing a “did/learnt/felt” model in which team members are encouraged to document and share their experiences in a structured way, driving visibility of improvement opportunities.

Within the software development process, we will normally hold sprint retrospectives as one of a number of agile ceremonies accompanying each cycle. Within these retrospectives, each team member is invited to share what they would do similar next time, what they would do differently, what they have learnt. These meetings are documented and the findings circulated across development teams.

A similar process is used across projects as a whole whereby client stakeholders and the project team critically review each project from inception through to delivery and discuss where they feel there are opportunities to improve. Again, these meetings are documented and the findings shared across the organisation.

Through these activities, Xoomworks Technology fosters a culture of introspection and honest review. We have a “no-blame” culture where employees, Xoomies, are encouraged to view mistakes or misjudgements as learning opportunities and ideally to transform them into a teachable experience for themselves, and for the benefit of others. We acknowledge that in every project there are new challenges and again view these as opportunities to learn and share good practice.

We convene regular “show-and-tell” sessions at which our project teams are encouraged to share openly their views on their work, progress therein, difficulties and triumphs. This openness creates an honesty and transparency about the capabilities and new ideas emerging from each customer engagement.

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