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Xoomworks Technology stepped into the Construction Industry by building a bespoke workplace hazard reporting application for organisations working with/in potential critical safety hazard environments. Since then, we have been working with Customers who are accredited, certified and qualified in meeting legislation and raising health, safety and environmental standards.

The Construction Industry

Emerging trends that combine Information Technology solutions for risk management, building information modelling, world green building trends, and safety advancements are impacting and transforming the construction and building industry.

Increased safety investments are being made in jobsite safety training and open communication about safety. The impact of technologies on safety have started in recent years to include building information modelling (BIM), mobile devices and applications, and the use of other tools and emerging technologies like drones and wearable devices.

Challenges in the Construction Industry

Drawing from our Customers’ vast experience in the Construction Industry, we believe that aside from proven skills required to consistently achieve the standards needed in different construction environments, one of the major challenges is health and safety.

Working within the Construction Industry requires a demanding level of performance driven by stringent timing and safety standards. No disruption to working environment services must be assured, whilst guaranteeing the job is completed safely, on budget and on time.

How HSE1 Regulates

“As a regulator, our goal is to prevent workplace2 death, injury or ill health. We achieve this by working with dutyholders to help them understand the risks they create and how to manage them.
We set the strategy, policy and legal framework for health and safety in Great Britain. We also work collaboratively with other regulators, agencies and government departments.

We operate permissioning and licensing activities in major hazard industries. We encourage broader ownership by influencing and engaging all those who have an interest in health and safety.

– HSE, About3 HSE




Xoomworks Technology has worked on a bespoke project in the Construction Industry and built its own workplace hazard reporting application for organisations working with/in potential critical safety hazard environments.



We built an iOS and Android bespoke application, a workplace hazard reporting and tracking tool to strengthen operational health and safety management, for Ryebridge Construction.

The application allows field-based workers in hazardous or safety-critical environments to document and notify of any hazards they encounter in a structured and systematic way. Hazard reports, which include a photograph of the potential hazard as well as location information, a description of any remedial action already taken and details of the reporting worker, are transmitted to managers digitally in real time, removing the need to fill out paper forms and allowing action to be taken before the worker returns to base. It also supports policy awareness and compliance, allowing users to review relevant policies at any time and requiring them to signal their agreement to comply with such policies.

Historic reports are stored in an auditable repository to ensure they cannot be lost, overlooked or interfered with after submission.

The system is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices to ensure the greatest possible uptake across the workforce.


We offer Customers this bespoke software development solution at a fraction of the cost of tailoring off-the-shelf products to fit their business requirements. This helps our clients differentiate their organisation through technology innovation.

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