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Our charity events in Cluj-Napoca, over the last few months

Kamelia Renata G.

We’ve talked about charity before, several times because at Xoomworks Technology, we like to keep busy even in our downtime. It touches our hearts to see that so many Xoomies take the time to think of others. Again, and again, they show their continued support and, in the process, we all enjoy some quality time together.

In September last year, we decided to help Xoomies based in London in their wonderful initiative of a fundraiser for HemiHelp, an organisation supporting children and young people with hemiplegia, and their families.
We organised a Bring and Buy Charity Event, where volunteer employees were kindly asked to bring in any unwanted items from home that were still in good condition – books, board games, clothes etc. Some also created handmade items or cooked some tempting homemade food. In short, anything was greatly appreciated. This fun morning event in our office basement was a great example of people having the power to make someone happy during the process of having fun ourselves.

Last December, among other festive events, organised as part of the ten-year celebration of our office here in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, we held a couple of charity events also.
One of them was a Shoebox-type project for the children from an association called „The Reunited Family Association” (Familia Regasita – Romanian Facebook page), an NGO involved in helping families grow and get past their difficulties. It runs a daycare center and also looks after disadvantaged families. We run this project yearly, near Christmas time. As in past years, we gathered once again around the Christmas tree, in the basement, and invited the kids for an evening of gift-giving, carols and sharing the joy. The kids have written letters to Santa, and Xoomies tried to bring joy to their faces by getting them said gifts and more.

We organised a Breakfast Charity Event in the basement, where besides the delicious food one was also able to buy Christmas decorations made by the kids from The Reunited Family Association. All the money raised was donated to the association at the Shoebox evening.

A group of good-hearted Xoomies visited a the FEBE Nursing Home in Cluj-Napoca, taking with them gifts like sweet bread, fruits, smiles, and anything else they could think of that might brighten an elderly person’s day. They had a lovely time singing carols and socialising.

We also decided to share our closet with the less fortunate ones. Learning about Prison Fellowship Romania Foundation (Romanian Facebook page) who have an afterschool program dedicated to kids coming from disadvantaged families, in the space of several days, Xoomies brought in unwanted clothing items from their closet they wanted to donate. It was a lesson for us as well, in paring down and helping someone in the process.

recent charity events

The first charity event of the year was organised this February, by our Good Samaritan Oscar winner, with the support of Xoomie chefs, in the shape of a charitable two-in-one bake sale to sweeten children’s lives and book fair to help them re-write their story. We managed to raise a significant amount of money, which was donated to Maria Beatrice Centre (Romanian website), an NGO in Alba Iulia, Romania dedicated to helping children recover from afflictions such as neuromuscular disorders, cerebral palsy, musculoskeletal disorders, etc. The Maria Beatrice Centre has been established in 2012 and has helped as many children as possible ever since, and used the money raised toward their efforts of building a new centre, one that will have more space for even more children.

In March, we were invited to attend our very first charity event organised outside of the Xoomworks Technology office, where music was our main guest. The acoustic concert took place at Atelier Café, a lovely place in Cluj that warmed our soul. Playing for the hundred people who attended, were Natif and Infusion (Romanian Facebook pages), delighting us with some good music that undoubtedly gave us all goosebumps. The money raised from the entry tickets went to HemiHelp, together with our heartfelt thanks for all the tireless support we have received so far from our colleagues based in London.

We ended March on a charity note. We found out about a charity event organized by O Masa Calda (Romanian website). Every Thursday, they prepare lunch for less fortunate people, in hope of putting a smile on their face and food in their belly. A group of three Xoomies have decided to take the challenge and prepare a meal for the less fortunate ones. Pasta night was successful, and we are aiming to help them actively through donations and other activities starting April besides gathering every last Thursday of each month to spread joy and cook together.

In these times of uncertainty and dark grey clouds that have literally covered the sky not just in Romania, but worldwide, we believe it’s time for us to be a much-needed ray of sunshine.

The above listed might just be small acts of kindness, but let’s not forget that small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.

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