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Hackathon Weekend at Xoomworks Technology

Kamelia Renata G.

As mentioned in our previous blog post, we have a fully booked December with many fun anniversary activities planned around the Romania office. One of our favourites was the Xoomworks Technology Hackathon organized last weekend.

Hackathon Weekend at Xoomworks Technology

We organized a hackathon competition because we believe in improving our services and knowledge around the clock. We’ve used our talents to improve internal processes in the past, so a hackathon this time around was the perfect way for us to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to help our teams practice and tap into exciting new technology. We wanted to shine a light on how emerging technology can be applied to our clients and their products.

Participants went through the process of defining the teams, their structure and registered for the Hackathon. They decided what their hack(s) would be, got started on research and gathered what they needed. To mix things up a bit the organisers also threw in some cool hardware devices that the teams had to use: Smart switches, Raspberry Pi, Amazon Echo and a robotic arm!

Hackathon Weekend at Xoomworks Technology

The event started on Friday, Dec 8th at 4 PM and ran through the weekend. Five teams came together to show off their coding skills and creativity. Hacker fuel of choice: tech gadgets and pizza.
Our teams were tasked to innovate within the domain of their client projects. The problems they hacked ranged from broken build pipelines through to loan applications and bringing novelty into online gaming.

Although it wasn’t a requirement, we found the Scrum practices still relevant.
It was great to see cross-functional teams forming to include a wide variety of skills. Developers, quality assurance engineers, scrum masters, BAs and technical writers all got involved to dream big, design great things and make them real.

The colleagues who weren’t taking part in the hackathon event were welcome in joining our hackers and ask about their ideas!

“We’re talking about enthusiasm merging engineering and fun. When you have all these elements under the same roof for 72 hours you can only expect excellence. This is what the Xoomworks Technology teams have been doing during the past hackathon weekend, in a nutshell – we have used technology to deliver cutting edge proof of concepts for our partners!” Cosmin Jibu, Project Manager, Xoomworks Technology

We look forward to presenting our hackathon hacks to our clients and seeing if we can roadmap some of these new adventures!

Hackathon Weekend Presentations at Xoomworks Technology

The Teams and their Ideas

The Raspberrians, Ioan Cimpeanu and Radu Stefan, have worked on a Bamboo and Git monitor – a wallboard for developers to ensure they can remain productive and understand issues in their environments straight away. They used technologies like Python, Raspberry Pi, JS.

NPS (Noob Proof System), Bogdan Dorca, Ciprian Iacob, Flavia Margina, Razvan Handrea and Stefan Mursa worked on implementing a proxy service that can “link” the development environment in Cluj-Napoca, Romania to the live Zoopla Pro service. They used technologies like JavaScript, NodeJS and a Smart Wi-Fi plug.

The Kingdom of Kissmyanthia, Ovidiu Chis, Victor Dusa, Tudor Radovici and Radu Chiorean worked on a voice-activated loan application that collects input data using Echo Dot and imports it into a submission form. They used technologies like JavaScript, Alexa Skill DK, AWS Lambda and Amazon Echo Dot.

HotSpotted, Florin Anca, Andrei Puf and Ioana Matei have worked on building an Android app they named HOTSPOT. The app uses the phone’s geolocation capabilities to suggest hotels/events, using Google Places API/Tripadvisor/Expedia API’s and uses deep links to convert into a booking. They used technologies like Java, Android SDK (native app).

HandyBot, Beata Tamas, Mihaela Vatamanu and Florin Chiorean, worked on a robotic arm which would simulate a blackjack game during the event when a bet is placed on a live market. The arm will verify the bet’s result and will make a fun “win” or “lose” gesture. They used technologies like Python and PyUSB.

HandyBot at Xoomworks Technology Hackathon Weekend

On Monday, Dec 11th, at 3 PM the teams gave a short presentation of their hackathon ideas.
The jury debated and had a difficult time nominating winners because all of the presentations were very good and have much potential in further developing them.

After difficult deliberations, our judges settled on the gambling robot as the winner for the sheer creativity, ambition and technical challenge involved in realising the vision.
The “Chairman’s Choice” award for the idea with the best potential went to The Raspberrians with their build and pull request wallboard.

A huge well done to all our teams!

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