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Strive for excellence – A decade of Values

Kamelia Renata G.

Xoomworks turns 10 years old in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. This decade of values is a great achievement and it would not have been possible without the great Xoomies, old and new, who have helped to do this.

Happy birthday Xoomworks Romania

The culture at Xoomworks has always been an important part of who we are and why clients like working with us. We started an exercise about 3 years ago to record the values of Xoomworks Technology, as the values underpin the culture. This was not done by senior management, but by all Xoomworks employees – the Xoomies.

A decade of values

“Culture is one of the things you have to get right in the beginning.” Harry Glaser, Periscope Data CEO  (recently rated top CEO in San Francisco by

The outcome was a set of words that at first surprised Steve Jackson, Co-Founder of  Xoomworks, as they are not ones he would have chosen. The more he thought about them, however, the more he realised that they strongly reflected our true values and culture.

They are not something we talk about every day, mainly because most of us live at least some of them as a matter of course. They are:

  • Trust – We start from a position of trust and it forms the basis of all our relationships
  • Pride – We are proud of our people and the work they do
  • Caring – We care about our people and our clients and it reflects in the responsibility we all take for our work
  • Legacy – Our legacy is important to us especially in terms of creating real benefit for our clients
  • Freedom – We strive to give all our people the freedom to make an impact

“I am proud of what Xoomworks Romania has achieved over the last 10 years and it has been in no small way down to the culture and values that employees have created, lived and upheld in the office and in front of our clients. Thank you.” Steve Jackson, Co-Founder, Xoomworks.

Strive for excellence

We have a fully booked December with many lovely events and activities coming up in the Romanian office.
As part of a fun Xoomworks Memory Lane video montage that we watched one of this afternoon, we also asked a couple of Xoomies to answer questions about their work days. Here are their very much deer-caught-in-the-headlights answers.
In short, we are celebrating to the full while trying to contribute to society through a few corporate social responsibility ideas sprinkled into the mix.

Values and culture are the core of any business. They cannot be manipulated by management and no amount of posters with motivational phrases can change what the people in a business or customers really think.

We believe this is where Xoomworks Technology and our team of experts differ from other businesses in the digital transformation and outsourcing market.

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