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Best Place for Developers to Work

David Bone

Xoomworks Technology has long built its core around a fruitful “borderless” way of existing.

We have worked with developers from around the globe for nearly 20 years. Many of these senior devs are friends as well as important trusted professionals who live in diverse locations such as the Pakistan mountains, the Slovakian hinterland and the great cities of the world.
These developers know the importance of security and the need to see core things done in a certain way and all of this is factored in by them even when they dream of a “beautiful location for remote working”.
We certainly wouldn’t have a roll call of stellar clients – such as PaddyPower Betfair, Expedia, and Zurich Insurance to name only a few – if we didn’t comply with rigorous global standards.

Cluj IT Fair 2016

What we found a Dev wants during the interview process

For decades, great companies valued the full colleague life-cycle. For a start, that means the experience you have when you are interviewed.

Xoomworks takes pride in how we have been able to improve the way we do technical assessments during our recruitment process. It gives us the opportunity to assess technical skills of potential recruits, whilst demonstrating our high standards of technical greatness and giving them an opportunity to showcase their tech prowess.
We know that a key motivator for people working in technology is the technical culture, so we want to ensure they get that experience from the very beginning. We feel we do this well, by looking at some of the verbatim feedback we received from a candidate (despite being unsuccessful in the role):

“If I were a rating agency, I would give a triple “A” for the interviewing process and the interviewer himself. I appreciate that your colleague used a non-automated interview procedure that requires both human intelligence and interpretation for the discussion.
For example, many companies are using automated procedures like online tests with a time limit. These tests are similar to informatics competitions and check mainly the ability to memorize the solution to a specific and exotic problem using fancy words as “semi prime” or “palindrome”. Usually, a group of geeks is working several days or weeks, checking and trying to optimize a solution as much as they can, so you are asked to produce exactly the same solution in “30 minutes”. Although one manages to produce a functional solution, not like O(0.1), but to bring an initial one O(n^3) to an O(n), one gets the feedback that “you struggle with the basics”. From this point of view, I can say that the feedback for the technical assessment was very positive.

If everyone from your company is as open-minded as the interviewer, then for sure you have a good company culture in which I would like to work/fit in.”

What we found a Dev wants during his employment years at Xoomworks

Glassdoor2One of our superstar devs commented that by working for Xoomworks he had found “workplace utopia”. Let’s uncover what was meant by this dangerously bold statement by looking at more of what he shared with us:

“Xoomworks is much more than a techies company.
A “developers utopia” in my opinion must be a company in which the teams are very well balanced and the responsibilities are well spread across the team. E.g. the developers do development, the Q.A. guys are focusing on testing, the DevOps are dealing with infrastructure maintenance and configurations and so on. Also, the developers should be divided between frontend and backend. This way, the quality of the work is automatically increased – everybody is focusing on what they do best. Honestly, I see Xoomworks as a “workplace utopia” because I also have most of my friends here and together we make a pretty great team.”

UBB Fair 2015

How did we find out what a Dev wants?

At Xoomworks we look towards our “Annual Employee Surveys” to get to the heart of what’s working and what we can improve on – we are committed to continuous improvement. These surveys have been, on occasion, brutal in the past but through a continuous cycle of learning, tweaks and re-surveying we’ve found ourselves nudging closer to the well-rounded paradise that makes a software development company great these days.

Xoomworks strives to keep all of its Employees happy

Because of this, in the past, we helped host inter-IT Company Championships featuring table tennis and darts, to name only a couple, to build a great tech-city community in Cluj-Napoca and have won a Table Football Championship in Sofia.
We have completely redesigned all of our offices across the continent hosting special features that our teams wished for and co-sponsored, like the always-available table tennis, foosball, board games, puzzles, colouring books, etc.

Developers having fun

We love Hackathons. Our Mobile dev-team built an awesome app called “Fair Fare” that we believe could really solve a major problem in our cities (and that we think is technically pretty cool to boot).
Stefan, one of our Tech Mentor gods, believes the Fair Fare App is a “Real-world problem-solving mobile app which helps foreigners get a fair cab fare in Eastern Europe, using GPS to track the users’ ride. It is built in AngularJs 2, Bootstrap and SASS. The backend is built with the trendy high-performance NodeJS framework used by PayPal and developed by Walmart labs: hapi.j”

Art Corner at Xoomworks

Our employees are also a creative bunch in their downtime. Several of them asked to turn our basement into an art gallery featuring their own art, where the art could be bought and the proceeds went to the Reunited Family Association, one of our charity partners. It is something that we are proud to shout about.

On the other hand, we try to offer and support our employees in a variety of activities from CSR events, workshops, training, sports events, Children’s Day events, Summer fiestas, and Christmas parties to scenic team buildings.
At last year’s team building at the fabulous Hotel Castle Dracula in Transylvania, the first thing that greeted everyone in their room was a thick warm Xoomworks blanket to wrap up and share the warmth.

Employee Team Building

Xoomworks likes to think outside the box… Or office, in this case

Picture a scenario.
You are working on a great tech project and you are about to hit the Summer holiday season. Members of the team are going to be off for holidays one after the other and there is a real danger that some of the beautiful continuity of the project is going to be lost.

Now picture another scene.
It is Summer and Xoomworks developers are sunning themselves around a swimming pool near the stunning Black Sea coast and they are all making serious in-roads into the project whilst still getting their Summer fix.

Sounds crazy? Not in Xoomworks.

For two weeks over a dozen of our developers built some of the most stand-out code of last Summer and then again this Summer on innovative tech projects.
All whilst eating gorgeous seafood, getting fit in the pool and with vital Vitamin-D intake from the never-ending sun-rays. One of the teams designed an awesome beach towel and then HR created an equally awesome prize event to see who could get the best “towel selfie” picture.

What developers really want

Following the type of real ways of working that you can read about in the seminal “Reinventing Organisations” book by Frederic Laloux, this “Dev-Team Summer Work-Vacation” was pitched by our developers and was made a success by them.

Being a Xoomie feels like being cloaked in a warm blanket or sun-drenched beach towel all the time.

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