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A Love Letters Writing Party

Kamelia Renata G.

Last month, one of our Xoomies had a proposition for us: to meet up one evening after work, and write some love letters to people who need a pick-me-up, to strangers across the globe who need some sunshine in their lives.

She first volunteered to write More Love Letters in December 2011 and says it was by far the scariest, hardest and yet the most wonderful thing she ever volunteered to do. That experience made her want to volunteer for this cause often, she has been writing love letters ever since.

She explained to us that a love letter request is a short but true story of someone who is next in line for love letters. The request is written by someone in that person’s life who knows them very well and is counting on people like us to get letters of positivity and encouragement to their mailbox.

“I know that there is no way of cheering up and being able to help everyone in need. It might look like we’re not making a difference.
But I am 100% convinced that the love letters will be well received and will help to ease the pain, to lift the recipients up at least a little bit. It makes a difference to the one person whose life will be forever changed by this simple act of sending some love!” Kamelia Renata G., Technical Author, Xoomworks Technology

We were encouraged to look at the current requests up on the More Love Letters website, to see what we were signing up for, and to keep in mind that they may change, depending on when we’d host our event locally.
After figuring out when and where to gather for a Letter Writing Party, we had the requests printed out and everyone could choose whom they’d write to.

Our Xoomie also tried to encourage us to get creative. In case some of us figured we’re not writers, but would still like to contribute in some way, we could come up with ideas and create some handmade cards the people writing could use to pen their love letters on, draw something pretty on the envelopes we will use, or bring in pretty stationery and writing/drawing supplies, etc.

A Love Letter Writing Party

Looking at some sample love letters among the More Love Letters Instagram posts to get inspired, a few Xoomies went above an beyond.
One Xoomie hand-painted some amazing greeting cards for us to choose from and write our love letters on. Another one made the most beautiful handmade felt envelopes for each recipient, so we could also bundle our letters together. The end result was spectacular!

Today during our lunch break, we sent out the love letters we wrote, so they can reach their destination by the deadline provided on the website. Every single “little bit” counts and positively impacts the World. We had fun while trying to brighten someone’s day with something as simple as words on paper. What better non-commercialism-oriented way is there to spend an evening after work?

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