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Taking Team Building to new (ski-lift) heights

David Bone

Over the past few years, we have had some truly memorable team building events at Xoomworks Technology.
We’ve always been keen to break out of the city, seek solace in the wilderness and to reconnect with each other as well as mother nature. This year the Cluj-Napoca, Romania + (some of the very lucky) UK team headed into the panoramic wilds of Suior, Maramures for a long magical weekend.

Led by Xoomworks Technology Head of Operations Ildiko Sas and her brilliant team of Camelia, Alina and Dana – Ildi shares with us some background as to why and how we orchestrated the ‘best team-building event ever’ (see also colleagues comments below).

Taking Team Building to new (ski-lift) heights

“As the Xoomworks Technology team in Cluj-Napoca, Romania increased rapidly over the years, the structure of the business changed as well so it became more and more important to ensure that teams stay strong and work as effectively as possible together.
All that we’ve done this team building was to offer the right moment, the right time and location for our awesome Xoomies to engage, collaborate and have fun as a team.

It took about 2 months to prepare this event very carefully and make sure all the details were considered, but we had fun in the process. We’ve set the objectives together with the management team and created a plan that offered us the support in achieving those objectives.
People engaged easier than we’ve expected and they were really supportive of the preparation process, but also during the event.”

It was great to see playful people taking their tasks very seriously, going back in time and enjoy drawing, colouring, and creating puzzles while having loads of fun!

We’ve had a wonderful location where Xoomies shared some magical moments – fun activities, people creating poems, impersonations, singing, golden fishes, celebrating birthdays, one-of-a-kind campfires, millions of stars, contests, prizes and winners.

Some of the feedback we received was truly special, too.

Taking Team Building to new (ski-lift) heights Xoomies

“I really liked the fact that we were mingled and I got to know just a bit better other colleagues of mine. I even learnt some new names! That is a big plus.”- DS

“I really enjoyed this event. It was very well organized, with breaks when needed, with fun activities. Well done! What I enjoyed most was the fact that I got to know more of my colleagues, and they are great people.”- IT

“You did a really great job with this team building. Thank you!”- PO

“Best Team-building evaaa! Great Job, Great Xoomies!”  – OC

“It was one of the best team buildings I ever participated. Also, the Academy appreciates all the effort and is looking forward to the next team event. We are all waiting to see the pictures.”  – CP

“I cannot express myself live, so I am going to write about it. I haven’t had so much fun for at least 10 years. I was really involved in everything that was going to happen which is the next step and everything…thanks! I have never seen people so happy in our company before. They even have the same jokes now.  Everybody had a lot of fun and the team got rebuilt.” – VD

This is that kind of event where our opinion about the results doesn’t really matter, but we measure the success based on people’s feedback, on things working differently inside and between teams on daily basis.

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