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The XT version of Shoebox Project

Silvia Codoban

Xoomies know that Christmas is all about peace, kindness, joy and well-doing. This celebration is magical and it transforms every person into a little Santa Claus who brings smiles to the faces of their loved ones.
Some of you may already know about the strength of Shoebox Project – a global project that looks to help collect shoeboxes of small gifts for underprivileged kids. So, as every year since opening an office in Cluj-Napoca, Xoomworks Technology has put in place a Shoebox Project, which over the years has become larger and larger – just like a snowball.

Our goal is to bring a ray of happiness in some less fortunate children’s lives, and this year was without a doubt the most special one to date.

The XT version of Shoebox Project

We have been in touch for a while now with a Romanian association called „The Reunited Family Association” (Familia Regasita – Romanian Facebook page). It is an NGO (Non-governmental organization) runs a daycare for about 16 children, and also looks after about 300 families, as the association is involved in helping families grow and get past their difficulties. In order to support them this year, we did several things.

We put a team together to help coordinate the collection of gifts with our colleagues in the UK, and one in Romania. All employees who wanted to help pack the boxes could do so in the afternoons (we sent our clients pictures and let them know they could also pitch in if they wanted to support us.)

One of the most fun ways to raise funds for the children’s presents was to organize an auction. Three talented Xoomies have offered their time to manually paint 15 T-shirts with a Christmas themed painting. Then, we organised SAP eAuctions with the starting price of 15 Euros and the bid improvement of 2 Euros.

Shoebox Project

Painted from the soul, the T-shirts are as beautiful as they are priceless –  which is the main reason that we put a price on each T-shirt to help the children from this NGO to have a well-deserved, happy Christmas. The auction was a success!

“I just heard through the grapevine that we raised 300 Euros from the charity auction yesterday for the Shoebox Project – whilst I know there were many people who input either with their incredible artistic flair, helping set up the auction, being the most beautiful models in the world or actually bidding for the T-Shirts. But I know how much our colleague Ileana has taken it upon herself to keep the dream alive – to fight with the SAP system, to encourage participation and to keep everyone informed of progress – a lesser mortal may well have given up – but instead you have seen this through to a wonderful conclusion, raising 300 Euros and 15 people are more elegantly dressed as a result. Thank you all, and especially Ileana!” Jamie Holmes, Managing Director, XT

Along with the funds from the auction and some mind-blowingly kind-hearted donations, we could buy some truly epic presents for the kids. Added to the presents brought over from the London staff to our Cluj-Napoca office, we stockpiled them under the Christmas tree which was kindly donated by a generous colleague. Everybody in the office got involved in bringing, wrapping up or carrying the gifts. We also had fun in the process but the thankful little eyes were the best “payment”.

Shoebox project 2013

Kids and staff had a wonderful time and we were extremely happy that w could both buy gifts for their Christmas event and donate money.
From the money left-over, we are already planning on taking the kids from the association on a day-trip to a Zoo visit during the Summer!

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