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What makes a Xoomie a Xoomie?

Silvia Codoban

A while back we asked Xoomworks Technology employees what they thought were the attributes that made a ‘Xoomie’.

The term ‘Xoomie’ has been circling internally for quite some time, but for community friends and prospective new recruits, we hope it makes for an interesting insight.

Keywords: Delivery focused, can do attitude, youthful enthusiasm, community spirited, continuously improve, inquisitive, proactive, leaders in the areas of expertise, creative, passionate, friendly, personable, flexible, fun, interesting, talented, professional, knowledgeable, build strong people relationships, wide industry experience, willing to go the extra mile to help.

The following was a beautiful one-liner delivered from one of the consultant-fold Andy Hart while celebrating with Xoomworks Managed Services Team.

“A XoomieA talented, personable, inquisitive individual that has a “go-getter” spirit for client delivery coupled with a great sense of fun and youthful enthusiasm for life as well as a deep sense of Xoomworks community spirit.”

What makes a Xoomie a Xoomie?

And the following are short impressions from some of the most awe-inspiring Xoomies we have with us.

“Working at Xoomworks is like the film-set of Friends but with more Green Tea than coffee.
At Xoomworks you have access to some of the greatest minds that you will ever work with in your career and you’ll be blown away by how much time and care the senior management take to coach you.
Being part of a growing IT Consultancy that takes genuine care of its employees, community and clients (and often is that order which is rare in any organisation) and staying healthy in mind and body (both things that Xoomworks senior management excels in supporting.)
Working at Xoomworks has been more rewarding than the corporate and Big 4 companies I’ve worked at and it continues to surprise me – always in a great way.” – David Bone

“I’ve worked at Xoomworks for over 10 years and I am still expanding my skillset.
Helping grow the Xoomworks Managed Services department along with my skills has been very rewarding.
Xoomworks are always Friendly, flexible and professional I need to keep feeding my brain new skills and opportunities so that I continue to be challenged and grow.” – Paul Tempest

“The most rewarding thing I have done at Xoomworks so far would have to be getting the team together for the Primary School painting competition. It was a great opportunity to give back to the London community and also a blast working with the Xoomworks team involved.
My colleagues at Xoomworks are always supportive both personally and professionally. I love that I can say my colleagues are my friends.
Working at Xoomworks has given the opertunitiy to work on some great project and with some fantastic Clients. I feel privileged to have had a spectrum of industries to work in.
The Xoomworks environment is always fun and exciting and pushes its employees to grow.” – Vai Venugopalan

“Xoomworks is always Dynamic, supportive and driven.
At Xoomworks I get to work with amazingly talented people and have the opportunities to do things you wouldn’t usually get involved in.
I’m proud to be delivering sustainable solutions that make a big difference to our clients.” – Simon Hurst

“Xoomworks likes to go the extra mile to make it a great place to work. Social events such as 10km’s, charity events, team days and summer parties set it apart from your average organisation. It helps give everyone a little bit extra energy and facilitates a great environment to work in.
It’s great to work with industry experts who make genuine effort to support your development as well as guidance on running successful projects.
Xoomworks offers ‘real’ employee empowerment. Contributions made are visible as well as appreciated.” – Kelly Cooper

“Being part of the transformation of Xoomworks over the years has been incredibly rewarding – seeing Xoomworks grow both in the UK and Romania and seeing the people in the company take on more and more accountability as they develop has been fantastic.

In one word I would describe Xoomworks as:

  • Caring
  • Flexible
  • Approachable
  • Honest
  • Pragmatic
  • Sociale
  • Friendly
  • Supportive
  • Proud
  • Professional

What I like about working for Xoomworks is the Relaxed but Professional environment and the freedom to act but with the guidance and experience of others.
I still learn things every day through the variety of work and the people around me. I am listened to and this makes me fully engaged with the success of Xoomworks. We have a lot of fun – whilst I respect the working relationship, I also believe I have great friends at Xoomworks.
We don’t take ourselves too seriously – we work hard and do a good job, but this is done through being ourselves. Doing a good job that is recognised by others.” – Jamie Holmes

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