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Various forms of lending support to charities

Silvia Codoban

Our Xoomworks community of employees (and their families and friends), the Xoomies, has a long and passionate history of charitable engagement with various large and important to us local charities.
It is our intention to build long-term sustainable relationships with these organisations so that we are able to offer much more than the traditional fundraising efforts.

Time, support and mentoring are just a few ways in which our community hope to have been able to make a difference to the community and environment around us.
Through an amazing network of friends and family, we have been fortunate enough to raise tens of thousands of pounds in the process. This is how do people within our community show that it is more than ‘just a job’.

Xoomworks Technology takes massive pleasure in supporting many different projects.

Over the past few years, we have worked closely with an inner-London primary school helping them with re-energising events such as a redesign of their gardens which meant plenty of digging was involved.

Two teams of Xoomies, Team Van Gogh and Team Da Vinci, took ownership of a four-story staircase at Surrey Square Primary School and the race to prep and repaint it before the students return after February half term!
The painting squads ventured out to support Surrey Square painting mission. Our task was to change the staircase from blue to green. All we needed to do is sweep and paint it freestyle. We were given rollers and brushes and paint, lots of paint! It was a little painful sticking masking tape on every step so that we stuck to the boundaries.
Sticking to boundaries, however, was difficult just like it is in life especially if you believe there is no box around you.
This was definitely a bonding exercise also.
Steve Jackson told us the history of how Xoomworks began as we painted, Nigel about how he met his girl on a tour around South America and moved to London to live with her, and my overalls from engineering finally came to use again.

Various forms of lending support to charities

Our leadership team has been especially active in supporting a parent-led charity ‘HemiHelp’. There is a heart-warming write up about the great work that they do on their website.
Xoomies have kindly created, collaborated, supported, fund-raised and ran the recent 3km and 10km fun-runs in London’s Victoria Park in May 2013. We’re very proud to have played a small part in what was a beautiful community event.

With the energy and creative spirit from the Xoomworks Community we’ve found that these are much more engaging ways to raise awareness and money for our charities and friends.

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