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Everyone of us has the answer for 2013

David Bone

By now we hope that you, our titanic Xoomworks Community folk – the Xoomies, are conscious of our ‘small chunk theory’ in which we propose that greatness can and should ideally be mapped out through a series of small wondrous events rather than plotting one big mother of a skyfall.

Xoomie community small chunk theory

We, at Xoomworks Technology, believe that if you focus on the final event itself then you can often miss out on all the small human interactions that create the real spirit of any community, and more importantly the chance to ‘champion’.

Let us try and see where this was the case in 2012 and then ask the question ‘how do we all build upon this to triumph in 2013′?

Whilst we universally agree that the London Olympics was truly a “once-in-a-lifetime” event, if we all look beneath the Danny Boyle’s scripted masterpiece we will find millions of ‘random-acts-of-kindness‘ from a games-maker directing happy lost souls to their place in the sporting amphitheater, to the family and friends travelling across the globe to support a torch-bearer up and down the length of Great Britain, to the trainer working for four years just to get their athlete to the games irrespective of where they finish and the thousands of people cheering on the “Sculling sloth” as he was cruelly described. When you compare the kind acts of these people against the nations who threw games during their heats to win favourable draws in later rounds you get some perspective on where true inspiration could be found during the games.

We, at Xoomworks Technology, chose to support this year’s Gold Challenge – an event born to use the crux of the Olympics to raise charity funds by completing sporting challenges around a 2012 theme.
However, 0ur main aim here was to ‘fail spectacularly’ around the global challenge and just to let the small chunk theory run wild with a virus of small uncontrollable events. We knew they would probably result in us failing our target of ‘staging 2012 unique events with people from our Xoomie community’.

Rather than now discuss how we achieved approximately 700 events out of our of 2012 target, what we’d love to do is to champion those people who felt inspired to complete or support any event however big or small or wonderfully maverick and spread that love throughout the company and our community – our little legacy if you like.

Xoomworks Community Survey:

If we review our Community survey blog from 12 months ago we see that we wanted to spend more time supporting and having fun with our extended community folk – you.

Through the Gold Challenge we walked, hiked, skied, swam, surfed, rowed, sailed and even rode dumper trucks, dug acres of barren fields and christened the Olympic stadium WITH YOU. More importantly, we loved every second of this and what’s more, we want to step it up in 2013. That’s how we want to show that 2012 can be a stepping stone to ‘small chunk theory’ greatness in 2013.


Now it’s your turn. Here is the 2012/2013 Community Survey and we need you, our Xoomie community, to spend 5 minutes sharing with us your ideas on how we can ‘do great stuff’ in 2013.

Think Small. Think disruptive. Dare to challenge. Be Passionate and Inspired and we’ll come running to support all your great ideas.

Thank you from all at Xoomworks in 2012.

Have a wonderful Christmas and thoughtful New Year.

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