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Mixing Business With Pleasure

Silvia Codoban

This short blog post comes to you from one of our dearest Xoomie, Jamie Holmes, who shares with us his thoughts on mixing business with pleasure.


“Never mix business with pleasure!” – what utter nonsense! Some of my most pleasurable moments in the last 12 years have all been through my involvement with Xoomworks – have I done wrong?

“Never do business with family and friends.” – again, I say, what a truly daft notion. The people I work with are some of my best friends. Now that they have become so, should we part company to avoid a difficult situation in the future? No, of course not.

This week has brought the above home to me in so many ways. Please allow me to show off my family, friends, company and clients.  In my mind, the sum of the whole is so much more than keeping them separate. Will there be hell to pay to try to unpick this if something awkward happens in the future – no – I am a grown up and I will deal with issues as they arise.  But to miss out on the power and enjoyment of mashing your pockets of life together would, in my mind, be a huge waste.

This week for the Holmes family has been rather hectic. It started on Monday afternoon with my daughter Holly carrying the Olympic Torch for the London 2012 Olympic Games. How proud were we? I was fortunate enough to be asked along as her chaperone, but Holly had kindly informed me that this was her moment, not mine, so I should make myself scarce in the background – fair enough!

mixing business with pleasure

So running along with Holly (that’s me in the white looking rather dashing talking to the Police runner !) allowed me a wonderful opportunity to take in all the people who had come to watch – it was a like a who’s who in the Holmes life. We had Mums and Dads, Sisters and Brothers-in-law, Uncles and Aunts, cousins and Holly’s wonderful sisters and beautiful Mum.
We also had at least half of the UK team from Xoomworks, some with their other halves. Then there were our mates from all walks of life with their families – many of them are mates made through work connections. Then there was my business coach. The team from HemiHelp (the charity representing Holly’s condition), families and teachers from Holly’s schools past and present and a team from EMI, a client of mine for many years.

And what was wonderful to me as I slipped silently along in the shadows with my gurning smile on my face as a disguise was the fact that most of them knew each other. By the time Holly and I arrived back in the pub having had the torch de-commissioned (shame), there was just one huge happy clan of people all deep in chat and all striking up from the last time they left off – it was truly magical! And if that is not ‘Community’ then I will run 100 miles!

So what? Well, it works for me. But more importantly, off the back of this, the following day we counted the cash that Holly made by charging people for a picture with her and the torch and we had raised £350 for HemiHelp.  Then today I was told that EMI Records had donated a further £250.

And all this from many of the same people that have already helped Xoomies raise nearly £7,000 for HemiHelp and Bendrigg Trust this year through our ‘Xoomworks Community Challenge’ 2012 events and £16,000 last year.

Thank you all for coming and making me a very proud person, not only for having an incredible family but for being our friends. And thanks for your cash.”

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