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Tenth Anniversary of Xoomworks

David Bone

On a balmy evening in May 2010, employees and partners got together to celebrate the first ten years anniversary of Xoomworks.

“I can safely say that this is the best group of people I have had the pleasure and privilege to work with. Your commitment, your self-belief, your comradeship and your humour has certainly kept me going for 10 years and made Xoomworks into the company it is.” – Steve Jackson, Founder & Group COO, Xoomworks

Held in the fabulous RAF Club in Piccadilly London, we ate gorgeous food, we drank wonderful cocktails, we gambled big on roulette and we partied together throughout the night.

You can see us in glorious anniversary technicolour below.

Tenth Anniversary of Xoomworks

Steve’s predictions for where we will be at the 18 year anniversary:

  • We will still be called Xoomworks
  • Steve will have even more grey hair and Malcolm will have even less hair
  • Xoomworks will be the company that we all make it – it’s all to play for and it’s going to be exciting

“Unbelievably positive, upbeat and productive. Looking back it’s incredible how arrogant we were – absolutely convinced we could set up a successful services firm. We’re nowhere near any of our goals but I’m incredibly proud of what we have achieved and who we are.” – Malcolm Clark, Founder & Group CEO, Xoomworks

Here’s to many more happy anniversaries!

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