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If your company has registered in one of the below countries please proceed below to find more information about the e-invoicing channel.

Otherwise please follow the current process or contact with Account Payable Contact Centre

Coupa is a global Purchase-to-Pay initiative implementing new, more efficient and user-friendly purchasing application and revamped processes, along with electronic invoicing – for Indirect Materials and Services.

As of August 1, 2018 Coupa became the unique purchase to pay platform for US PMI entities.

The Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) is a free tool for suppliers to easily do business with customers who use Coupa. The CSP website makes managing customers and transactions easy.

Philip Morris International have identified you as one of their suppliers with whom they want to start transacting electronically via the CSP. There are benefits for both PMI and yourself as detailed below.

You should have already received an invitation for the CSP from our new purchasing system, Coupa, which will require you to register with the system. Orders will then start to be processed via the CSP. It is essential that you register quickly so that you can view the system and ensure you can login.


  • Manage company profiles and remit-to information
  • Potentially increase the speed that your invoices are paid are based on your payment terms
  • Receive purchase orders and send invoices
  • Create and distribute customer-specific electronic catalogues
  • Have better visibility of the status of your invoices as they move through the approval process
  • All invoices submitted via the CSP will show the payment data once the invoice is paid


Coupa Supplier Desk Email: [email protected]

Coupa Supplier Desk: +44 207 400 6127

CSP Login/Registration Page