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Spend Management Solution integration with existing ERP Systems

Our Approach

As Spend Management Solution specialists we know the biggest challenges you can face when integrating with your ERP systems. You don’t have the time or resources to start from scratch so let us do the work for you.

That’s why we built XoomConnect, a platform that accelerates and simplifies integration between your Spend Management Solution and your ERP systems reducing error handling and scheduling services.

XoomConnect greatly accelerates and simplifies integration between procurement and ERP systems, reducing error handling and scheduling services

XoomConnect gives you 3 modular layers to jumpstart your implementation


ERP Quick start XoomConfig provides template configuration in the form of a blueprint pre-built with the financial and organizational data model for many of the common ERPs.


ERP Quick start XoomControl provides a management layer to administer the connected systems in your environment, including the scheduling of data pulls from spend management solutions and error handling tools.


XoomERP provides a pre-built plugin installed on your ERP instance to retrieve required master data and post common transactions.

(* The XoomConnect modules can be used alongside or can replace any middleware already in place)


save money with procurement software

Typically cuts integration effort and costs by over 50%

reduce procurement risks

Reduces risks by using proven solutions

spend management solution

XoomConnect is modular (Spend Management Solution, middleware, ERP-side), so you can choose the elements

erp independent

ERP independent (and now includes templates for s/4 HANA)

speed up implementation

Speeds up implementations

procurement and ERP maintenance

Can include low-cost, ongoing maintenance and upgrade support to keep your systems

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