Xoomworks’ procurement change management methodology helps deliver successful business change programmes


Change management starts the second a S2P project starts and continues beyond the end

Successful procurement change management is about engaging people, not just training and communication. Change programmes are successful because they engage with the right people, in the right way, at the right time. Our approach is based around the need to spend time with the stakeholders that we identify as being impacted by the changes, involving them in business decisions, and helping them to support project delivery through the change channels identified.

Our Approach

XoomChange is a consistent, structured approach to procurement change management regardless of the size of organisation, scope of business processes affected, degree of change, project phasing or maturity of the organisation.

Integrated with our XoomCloud methodology, it provides both the overall framework for change management and the tools and templates that we have refined over the last 20 years. We know what works and we bring these tools to your project to avoid the need to create everything from a blank sheet.


Xoomworks’ three phases of change management
Our XoomChange methodology covers three main phases that overlay project phases:

1. Preparation


During the preparation phase, the Change Manager and Project Manager will work very closely to answer who, how and when the change impacts. They will develop the stakeholder map and impact assessment, identify the relevant change channels as well as create the change plan which will become part of the overall project plan.

How Xoomworks can help

  • Stakeholder Map
  • Impact Assessment
  • Resistance Assessment
  • Change Management Plan
  • Supplier Enablement Plan

Xoomworks will lead the formation of the Change Forum – this is a critical component of successful change management strategy based on the concept that change must come from within an organisation. It is a group of stakeholders and representatives that are responsible for ensuring the business supports the project and the change. This group will meet regularly and remain throughout the project.


2. Management


Change management impacts all phases of project delivery meaning the Change Manager and Project Manager will work together to coordinate activities, however, the Change Manager will predominantly be responsible for overseeing the different channels that will deliver the change.

How Xoomworks can help:

  • Fit-Gap analysis to ensure the organisation is set-up effectively for the impacts of the project
  • Identification and coaching and training of superusers
  • Communication through a variety of channels such as emails, intranet, internal marketing, meetings and workshops. The communication is targeted, focused, necessary, sufficient, and aligned to the organisation’s ‘tone of voice’
  • Training through a variety of channels such as face to face, train the trainer, webinars, documentation
  • Coaching to reinforce more complex activity such as strategic procurement, complex sourcing events, spend analysis


3. Maintenance


At this point the project is complete, but change management is likely to continue for a period to ensure the changes are embedded in the organisation.


How Xoomworks can help:

  • Performance management and success measurement
  • Continuous Improvement strategies and reporting mechanisms
  • Helpdesk support
  • 6month return visit (XoomTune) - Xoomworks is strongly invested in its customers achieving long term success. As part of our approach, we return to all clients approximately six months after go-live to review system usage and success metrics and offer insight and advice on improvements


Level of Support

Some organisations require minimal support to deliver effective change, while others require more significant input. XoomChange is flexible to cater for differing requirements from light support during the Preparation phase to full procurement change management and delivery throughout the project.

Regardless of the level of support, our approach is always to complete change with our clients rather than do change to our clients.

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