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Get the latest from our knowledge hub on procurement best practices on strategic sourcing, supplier management, e-procurement and much more.

Achieving eAuction Success


Although eAuctions have become more commonplace within business, in some quarters there is still scepticism over their effectiveness and uncertainty in how to drive good, fair results.

For the Buyer, auctions drive pricing to levels that cannot be achieved in one-on-one negotiations, as well as providing objectivity, transparency and auditability in the supplier selection process. From a Sellers perspective auctions promote fair competition and reduced sales cycle times.

An eAuction is a way to accelerate negotiation between a buyer and seller, concluding the bidding process in a dynamic alternative to final negotiations.

This paper recaps some of the basics of eAuctions and provides guidance on how to successfully run eAuctions to achieve greater value from your suppliers.

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Is there a significant impact from well adopted systems?


Yes, and there are a host of figures to support this. These figures transect industry and geography to show millions of pounds of savings are being missed each year through poor usage of Procurement systems. A recent study, for example, by Aberdeen Group (2011) found best-in-class Procurement functions have 85% of spend under management with […]

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How to Become Paperless


E-Invoicing has been around for years. There is no doubt that there is more e-invoicing now than there ever has been. However, there is still clearly a way to go until organisations can all say they are genuinely e-invoice enabled (both sending and receiving). While e-invoicing isn’t the most exciting part of procurement, it can […]

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Leading Procurement Behaviours


What really separates top Procurement performers from the rest?

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A framework for successful procurement – part 1


(or – “stuff a CPO needs to think about to get better results”)

“The organisation views procurement as an inconvenient and possibly unnecessary step in the process of securing the goods or services required.”

Procurement Director, UK Financial Services

These papers provide a framework for senior procurement practitioners to break through this barrier. First part of a two part series.

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A framework for successful procurement – part 2


This white paper is Part Two of our previous post and covers a summary of our Complete Procurement framework as well as detail of the mechanical aspects of procurement. Part One (in January) covered the behavioural elements of the framework.

When we talk about the mechanics of procurement, we mean the basic building blocks of procurement including your processes and policies, your data, systems and organisation structure and how you support the business and your own team.

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