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Get the latest from our knowledge hub on procurement best practices on strategic sourcing, supplier management, e-procurement and much more.

It’s time to face your e-invoicing fears

What does it take to become e-invoice enabled? Many businesses may have already created their business case and spent a considerable amount on a P2P implementation that simply doesn’t deliver. Fear of the system being rejected by staff and suppliers, lack of technical support and no visualisation of the business case, all play a part in the lack of e-invoicing uptake.

Enabled e-invoicing can deliver savings, improve relationships and open up new possibilities. Here we aim to give you the tools to analyse whether e-invoicing is right for your business and identify the key considerations for your implementation approach. Whether you have a P2P system already in place or are in the process of going live, e-invoicing will likely be an option available to you for the first time.

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Managing the Financial Supply Chain: Why CPOs should care

managing the financial supply chain

This white paper considers how businesses manage their Financial Supply Chain and the contribution that the CPO can and should make.

The paper gives an overview of:
– What is the Financial Supply Chain?
– What has happened to the availability of working capital since the Financial Crisis in 2008
– How a CPO is affected by the Financial Supply Chain Management
– Why and how a CPO should influence how the Financial Supply Chain is managed
– Tools available to help the CPO manage the Financial Supply Chain more effectively

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Consulting as a Service : Pay for your P2P project without the upfront costs

consulting as a service image

Xoomworks has transformed the way you buy consulting and implementation services. Our service allows you to implement the leading S2P solution, Coupa and spread implementation and ongoing service support over the duration of the contract – this means no large upfront capital expenditure.

Xoomworks’ Consulting as a Service is suitable for mid-market organisations who want to transform their spend management through the use of Coupa. This also allows clearer budgeting as implementation and support services are evenly spread across the contract duration.

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What is the value of the RFx process?

what is the value of rfx

Are you looking to choose a new implementation partner or P2P software provider? This whitepaper gives recommendations on running a successful RFx process that ensures the best solution outcome.

It highlights the value of pre market preparation, focusing on understanding the business requirements and desired outcomes, prior to starting the RFx process, whilst allowing you to keep thinking about the vision you have for your desired Procurement solution and not to get prematurely bogged down in technology and functionality.

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Creating a world class procurement organisation

creating a world class procurement organisation

To be world class, procurement needs to be seen and positioned as a more valued partner in the organisation, with a strategic role at the top table. In this white paper, we will guide you through what it means to be world class, how to transform to a more strategic procurement business and establish how you can quickly reap the benefits.

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Moving to a Procurement Cloud – 5 differences to consider

moving to a procurement cloud

The rise of the Cloud has revolutionised the way in which individuals and businesses use and consume technology. The speed at which consumer led cloud technology has accelerated has empowered individuals with a thorough understanding of the capabilities of modern applications.

As a result, businesses are coming under increasing internal pressure to provide seamless technology processes that mirror the expectations of the consumer tech world.

But what does the cloud actually mean for organisations? What are the key differences between the cloud and the more traditional on-premise corporate systems?

This white paper explores, from an IT and business perspective, what companies need to think about when looking to implement cloud procurement technology, rather than on-premise and what the ultimate impact on the business will be.

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Best Practices for Complex Sourcing Events


Sourcing systems have been around for many years and are utilised by a wide variety of companies. However, they are rarely used to their full potential; most systems come with advanced functionality that can be used to run many types of event, and as these systems get upgraded further functionality gets added.

This whitepaper – put together from a combination of first hand research and Xoomworks’ comprehensive implementation experience – explores what defines a complex sourcing event, the best practices to aim for and pitfalls to avoid, plus gives some real-world examples as case studies.

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The “buy chain” – the next place for world-class focus


£327bn of trade credit is locked up in the UK supply chain. The practice of holding payments owed to the next supplier down the chain, effectively creating interest free loans, means that it takes UK businesses on average 58 days to receive payments on 30 day terms.

Getting the “buy chain” flowing is essential to maximising potential growth. Here we explore the financial opportunities that modern technology and best practice provide, and how you can take financial control of the supply chain.

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3 Stages on a successful Source to Pay implementation


It’s not just about the implementation. Most organisations focus heavily on the “during” stage of an implementation, putting their efforts and attention on this part of the journey. However, the two areas that get less attention, but are as equally as important are “Before” and “After.”

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