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Procurement Webinars

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Elekta’s Journey to AP Automation – The Power Of Intelligent Integration

Xoomworks and Coupa bring you an insightful on-demand webinar on how automation is opening new opportunities for Accounts Payable to become a provider of insight into spend patterns and financial health, while optimising processes and related costs.

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Managing Sustainability & Reducing Risk

Xoomworks and Coupa bring you an exclusive roundtable around best practices for growing sustainability and reducing risk in the supply chain.

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The Journey to Digital Procurement: Real-life perspectives from Newsquest

Xoomworks and Coupa bring you an on-demand webinar dedicated to discussing challenges and opportunities for digital procurement in the mid-market sector.

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Implementing Procurement Transformation Through the Lens of Elekta and UiPath

Join us on this on-demand webinar for a chance to hear from 2 industry leaders talk about how they achieved procurement transformation by successfully implementing Coupa’s Business Spend Management (BSM) system in their organizations, with the help of Xoomworks.

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Der Weg zum erfolgreichen Business Spend Management – die Lehren aus 60+ Coupa Kunden

Die Implementierung einer Business Spend Management-Lösung ist ein wichtiger Schritt, um bessere Einsparungen zu erzielen, die betriebliche Effizienz zu verbessern und die Kontrolle über Ihre Ausgaben zu behalten. Es besteht jedoch ein erheblicher Unterschied zwischen einer BSM Implementierung und einer guten BSM Implementierung.

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eInvoicing: Steps for a practical approach

The benefits of speeding up your invoice process with eInvoicing are clear; from reduced cycle times to lower cost per invoice and robust tax and liability documentation, electronic invoicing solutions offer obvious benefits. But do you know everything you need before implementing your eInvoicing solution?

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6 Surprises Found in Your Invoices by AI Auditing

  We are pleased to be hosting the first webinar with our partner AppZen, on the “6 Surprises Found in Your Invoices by AI Auditing”. The registration for this webinar is closed. You can view the webinar video recording below:

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Consulting as a Service : Pay for your P2P project without the upfront costs

Tuesday, 21st March 201711:00 am
consulting as a service

Xoomworks has transformed the way you buy consulting and implementation services. Our service allows you to implement the leading P2P solution, Coupa, and spread implementation and ongoing service support over the duration of the contract – this means no large upfront capital expenditure.

If your organisation is looking to make cost savings and increase efficiencies with the implementation of an automated procurement system, but WITHOUT upfront consulting costs, then this solution is for you.

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Financial Supply Chain Management: Why CPOs should care

Thursday, 24th November 201611:00 am
managing the financial supply chain image

  This is the first webinar in a series aimed at providing CPOs with an insight into managing the Financial Supply Chain. Management of the Financial Supply Chain is something that CPOs should understand, influence and contribute towards. How well they do this has a direct effect on Procurement’s ability to get the best value […]

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