Your Journey to Building Sustainable Procurement Savings

Customers continue to be loyal to brands, but today’s changed world continues to create new challenges for revenue growth. A renewed focus on cost is needed to sustain your business and maintain profitability going forward.

Opportunities are accessible in procurement to ensure purchasing is optimised, both in terms of sourcing and costs of operations. The key to making the most of these opportunities is ensuring that you are building sustainable savings year on year.

Essentially you need to:

  • Generate sustainable savings from your existing supply base
  • Increase the robustness of your supply chain and procurement operations
  • Reduce procurement function costs through efficiency and technology
  • Broaden your supplier base to sure up and seek new opportunities for supply

Xoomworks and Bridge Procurement – have partnered to deliver sustainable savings

The synergy of Xoomworks’ track record of delivering transformative change to procurement functions and technology, and Bridge’s in-depth strategy and sourcing knowhow is a winning combination. 

Building from the fundamentals of procurement, our three-stage process will deliver:

  • A high-level business case showing savings and how these can be re-invested to provide greater long-term value
  • A proposed Target Operating Model (TOM), transforming your organisation and processes
  • A digital procurement plan showing how technology can improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • A sourcing and strategy plan to increase the robustness of your supply chain and negotiate reductions in spend



All too often, procurement improvement focuses on short-term, tactical wins that need to be repeated each year to maintain the level of benefit they deliver. This proposition seeks to generate and realise savings that endure over time and on which further returns can be built.

In our experience a significant return on investment can be realised within 12 months, allowing your organisation to invest in further tools such as digital procurement, or to repurpose resources to more value-add activities.

To learn more about our approach and the benefits we can help your organisation achieve, download our Value Proposition or get in touch with our procurement experts at [email protected].