Xoomworks accelerates savings through better sourcing

Sourcing is usually one of the most effective ways to deliver savings. But there is a significant difference between those that do it and those that do it well – top performers achieve four times more savings than average organisations.

For mid to large organisations, this is a difference of many millions, with savings typically lost through poor strategy, tendering, negotiations & compliance.

Xoomworks’ sourcing services close this gap, whether you have an established procurement function, or are just starting on the savings delivery and cost reduction journey. Our sourcing offering allows for a tailored set of defined services for the areas where you need the most support, ranging from simple programmes of e-auctions to complex category management.

For mature Procurement Functions, we work with you using your existing sourcing platform and team to:

  • Supplement your team so you can cover more ground
  • Advise on event set-up and manage execution, delivering increased savings
  • Coach, train and develop your in-house team

For growing procurement organisations earlier on the road of savings delivery, Xoomworks uses its Iasta* cloud spend analytics and sourcing solution to:

  • Complete data cleansing, consolidation and analysis
  • Develop and structure sourcing events
  • Complete contract negotiation and move suppliers into business as usual

To learn more about our approach and the benefits we can help your organisation achieve, download our Value Proposition or get in touch with our digital procurement experts at [email protected].