Xoomcloud – Implementing for the next generation

Confidence in rapid and structured cloud Implementation methodology

Source to Pay (S2P) cloud solutions bring enormous cost and efficiency benefits, but to implement them successfully they require a change in mindset. Xoomworks has developed its XoomCloud methodology over the last five years to help companies adapt to these changes.

The XoomCloud methodology is a cloud playbook that reduces risk and cost and increases the effectiveness of implementing Source to Pay solutions in the cloud. Four reasons why a new approach is needed:

  • Cloud solutions are already built – the starting point for cloud projects and the subsequent phases are now different.
  • Team make-up and size is different – teams are smaller, more agile and often include more customer delivery.
  • Things happen faster and more frequently – new releases happen several times a year, and an upgrade is often completed pre go-live. Including these dynamics needs a different approach.
  • Projects are more iterative – this allows results to be seen within days and weeks rather than months or years.

In addition to reflecting these changes, XoomCloud still incorporates all of the original project fundamentals such as project and change management, testing, training and support, that are needed to ensure customer success.

Download the Value Proposition to learn more about our XoomCloud playbook.