Streamline procurement with SAP Ariba Guided Buying

Guided buying brings suppliers and buyers together to streamline procurement, helping you achieve a higher degree of compliance.

Guided buying from SAP Ariba products encourages your employees to follow procurement guidelines, enabling them too quickly and easily buy goods and services from preferred suppliers with minimal support from your procurement team.

This frees up your procurement department to focus on negotiating contracts and making the best decisions for your organisation, reducing spend and securing savings.


Without guided buying your employees may not know where to start or which system to use to get what they want. This may result in them buying out of contract which can devalue the work of your procurement department or take up time with buying queries, creating noise, distraction and inefficiencies.

Procurement departments often lack the capability of translating their procedures and policies into guided buying.


Xoomworks will guide you through the design of SAP Ariba Guided Buying, integrating the procurement strategy with the powerful capabilities of the application and ensuring your Guided Buying deployment will reap the intended benefits.

This final design will drive user adoption, ease of use, compliance and effective delivery of your policies through structured guidance down the right buying channels. It will be the only place users in your organisation need to go to make purchases and you can be confident they will automatically follow the policies you have defined, whether its goods, services, or expenses. For some scenarios users can even obtain quotes and negotiate with suppliers without the need for procurement. This frees up procurement to do their job at a strategic level performing value added activities rather than managing the transactional process.

Don’t have a technical partner? We can help you with both the strategic and technical aspects of this guided buying process. Learn more about the benefits of Guided Buying donwload our Value Proposition above.