Spot Buy – gain visibility and control over non-sourced spend

Reduce or eliminate the need to purchase outside your SAP Ariba Buying solution

With SAP Ariba Spot Buy you can purchase goods within your SAP Ariba Buying solution without the requirement to source the supplier, enter the supplier in the vendor master, or even provide the supplier with any payment method, such as a procurement card, or invoice process. This allows you to reduce costs, increase purchasing efficiency, improve the user experience and control spend.


Businesses rely on e-procurement systems to manage spend, suppliers and catalogs. But most large companies have dozens of catalogs which are incomplete, obsolete or don’t offer the best prices. Building and maintaining catalogs is challenging and can be expensive. For employees, it can be very frustrating to search company catalogs and not find what they are looking for. This also applies for infrequent or one-off purchases for items and services where it is not worthwhile including in a catalogue.


SAP Ariba Spot Buy makes it easy for your employees to buy what they need from an on-demand catalog containing millions of live listings across business categories. With Ariba Spot Buy users can search for and buy non-sourced goods directly from SAP Ariba Buying, eliminating the need for them to purchase outside the solution. Procurement professionals gain visibility and control over non-sourced spend by configuring the categories accessible through Spot Buy.

Convenient search and filter capability helps users find and buy approved items with competitive price and delivery options. This innovative approach to buying goods from an on-demand catalog is achieved with only a single Spot Buy vendor, delivering huge efficiencies in the vendor on-boarding and management process.


Cost reduction

  • Less manual intervention
  • Increase corporate card incentives
  • Saving on PO processing costs
  • Reduced catalog maintenance costs
  • Competitive pricing

Purchasing Efficiency

  • Speed to purchase
  • Reduced Vendor Management
  • Fewer non-Catalog orders, fewer one-off suppliers

Employee Experience

  • Integrated to Ariba Buying
  • Reduction of Approvals
  • Wider variety of products
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Returns process

To learn more about SAP Ariba Spot Buy download our Value Proposition above.