Procurement opportunity analysis

Do you know where to find the best opportunities for your procurement function?

At its best, procurement is a valuable corporate asset – delivering savings, reducing risks, and creating better value for money; plus, modelling future events, improving the company’s image, and increasing sales.

Through our Opportunities Analysis, we work with you to identify these possibilities and savings, and help you develop actions to transform your procurement function into a stronger corporate asset. Having helped one of only two organisations in the UK to reach “World Class” status in their procurement processes (as defined by The Hackett Group), we know that our combination of digital procurement expertise, systems and process knowledge can make a real difference.

The 3 Part Delivery

1. Opportunities Report

Xoomworks will deliver a structured and rigorous review of your procurement function and how it compares to-best-in class performers. Our Opportunities Analysis is based on our Complete Procurement framework.

2. Open Discussion

Our experienced consultants will walk you through the report, deep dive the findings and answer any questions you may have.

3. Road Map

Using the report as a baseline, our consultants will offer a procurement roadmap with clear actions to grow your business into a strategic leader.

To learn more about our approach and the benefits we can help your organisation achieve, download our Value Proposition or get in touch with our procurement experts at [email protected].