Moving your procurement process to the Cloud with SAP Ariba

Procurement cloud solutions can bring you enormous cost and efficiency benefits such as lower TCO and improved innovation – but deciding on a solution strategy and knowing the best way to implement it is a challenge.

Helping you evaluate

Xoomworks is here to help you evaluate your options and help make the right decisions for your business. So why might you be considering SAP Ariba Cloud:

Your SAP SRM is reaching end of life and will no longer be supported:

If you are an existing SAP SRM customer, you need to be looking to migrate to a new system as soon as possible. As well as being outdated, SRM will no longer be developed and supported.

You already have SAP but don’t currently have a SRM solution:

You may be currently using the purchasing module within SAP directly (Materials Management) but do not have a P2P solution. The purchasing experience of MM is not user-friendly and as it is not an effective self-service tool it will not be intuitive enough for today’s sophisticated users.

You currently run SAP Ariba On Premise but want to look at cloud options: 

SAP Ariba is not issuing new On Premise product releases and is strategically moving to a cloud only model. On Premise solutions are often heavily customised and careful consideration is required to understand what can be achieved in the cloud, and what the strategy should be for what cannot be achieved in the cloud. SAP is actively moving all current On Premise customers to SAP Ariba Cloud.

You like SAP Ariba Cloud and want to evaluate complementary SAP Ariba products:

If you already have SAP Ariba in your organisation you may wish to expand the breadth and reach of the product set to cover a wider scope of your processes.

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