Implementing and leveraging procurement digitisation

Delivering more effective procurement digitisation

Research estimates that procurement departments are spending up to 30% of their time on activities that prevent them from tackling the challenges that really matter – such as negotiating better contracts, achieving greater value for money, increasing spend under management and reducing risk.

At Xoomworks Procurement we want to help you understand and use digital procurement trends more effectively so you can do what you set out to do and achieve procurement excellence.

Are you…

  • On track to deliver your cost savings target?
  • Using digital procurement effectively?
  • Clear on where digital could help you the most?
  • Struggling to manage your contract renewals?
  • Noticing your cost of function is too high?

How we do it

Our approach is comprehensive but non-intrusive – there’s no need to tie up your key resources for a long period of time. At its heart is a one-day assessment workshop aimed at reviewing your total Source to Pay process and making key recommendations on how you can use digitisation to improve your procurement outcomes. From spend analytics through savings reporting, sourcing, contract management and transactional processing, we’ll understand the challenges you are trying to overcome and recommend simple, cost effective solutions to make you more effective.

Our 3 step process aims to use your time as efficiently as possible:

  1. You provide some basic procurement data (spend, contracts, savings etc.). Ideally you can provide this up front, but if you don’t have it – we will run through a series of questions during the workshop to gain the necessary information.
  2. Xoomworks run a one-day workshop onsite with a small group of your key team. As well as a review of your organisation, goals and key data, we facilitate discussion on key processes in order to understand priorities and problem areas.
  3. Xoomworks produce a summary report with recommendations, options and a potential roadmap to develop your procurement function. We’ll walk this through with you face to face.

Following the review meeting, you’ll be left with a copy of the report and can decide whether to take the recommendations for development yourself, or use our Procurement Transformation services to assist you.

To see what areas the report and review meeting can cover download our Value Proposition. The document also provides insight into what a typical one day “Enhancing the value of procurement through digitisation” workshop agenda includes.