How to build a successful Source to Pay solution Blueprint

Maximise Source to Pay Investment and achieve your business case objectives.

The success of source to pay and purchase to pay projects depends on your business:

  • Having a clear vision of the future state of your digital procurement function that will lead and influence your technology investment and project;
  • Selecting a technology solution that will meet its diverse requirements while avoiding unnecessary complexity;
  • Building a sound business case founded on an accurate estimate of a project’s likely costs and timelines.

The best way to achieve this is to build a Success Blueprint.

What is a Source to Pay Solution Blueprint?

A Solution Blueprint enables you to frame your procurement vision and the purpose for your project, so you can build an effective and complete RFP and prepare for the Source to Pay or Purchase to Pay solution implementation. It provides:

  • Baseline Procurement Solution (Pre-Workshop):
    • User cases and Process flows.
    • Technical architecture.
  • Critical technology features and functions.
  • Anticipated technology “gaps”.
  • Localised requirements and variations.
  • Updated technical architecture & data flows with required integrations.
  • Platform shortlisting recommendations on how to evaluate solutions.
  • Change management & organisational readiness assessment.
  • The basis for a business case.
  • Analysis of the Impact on the Procurement Target Operating Model.

What we deliver

Our Blueprinting service draws on our experience and proven methodology to deliver results in a short timescale of about nine weeks. The service is delivered in four stages:

  • Survey & Discovery
  • Workshops
  • Blueprint Development
  • Blueprint Review

At all stages we provide the templates and tools to make the process as efficient as possible.

Xoomworks will directly engage with your experts and process owners for each of the in-scope functional and technical tracks, to thoroughly review, vet and produce the required deliverables. A typical schedule of activity takes 8-9 weeks.

Blueprinting-schedule img

Download our Value Proposition to get more insights from our consultants and learn more about each stage of our Source to Pay Solution Blueprint Methodology.