Helping you sustainably save £££s on your procurement

Generating savings and reducing costs is now the number one procurement priority, with 79% of procurement leaders putting it as a key focus for 2018.

There are many tools and techniques that can be used to deliver cost savings – but there is no single magic bullet. Achieving cost savings and embedding these savings into your business requires a comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach.

Xoomworks has simplified the solution by combining expertise, analytics and savings levered into a single programme of work that can be rapidly, consistently and effectively deployed to help you achieve the savings you need.

We combine our cost saving experts, tools and methodology with your knowledge of your business to deliver both short term savings (within 8-12 weeks of spend analysis) and mid to long term savings. Working together we focus on transfer of knowledge so that we leave you self-sufficient with a repeatable process and reusable tools, enabling you to deliver procurement savings and maximise your reach.