Helping optimise and drive value from SAP Ariba

Going live with SAP Ariba is a major step towards better spend management – capturing savings, improving efficiency and gaining control. However, it is only the start of a journey and the most successful organisations sustain the benefits by monitoring and reporting regularly on the compliance to processes and procurement policies.

XoomTune is an optimisation service from Xoomworks that provides advice and expertise that delivers a wide-ranging set of reports and advice across the entire SAP Ariba solution. These reports enable you to ensure your solution is continually improved and to meet your business challenges by focusing on specific areas that if addressed would significantly improve the level of process
compliance and operational efficiency.


XoomTune gives you the tools to evaluate your SAP Ariba cloud system and progress to more in-depth analysis and planning including:

  • Analysis of transactional data with high-level insights
  • Assessment of where you’re at with your Ariba implementation
  • Helps to maximise your SAP Ariba spend management performance
  • Over 50 separate analyses, as well as comparison against best-in-class benchmark data
  • The process can be managed completely remotely or on-site

This process analyses your production data and identifies areas of where the system is providing real value and also identifies areas of opportunity for improvements to be made.


  1. An improved and more efficient SAP Ariba spend management solution
  2. Compliance – ensuring that your processes are compliant around user adoption and change management
  3. Governance processes put in place to allow you to actively manage SAP Ariba
  4. Tangible improvements driven through discussion sessions to determine a list of actionable tasks
  5. Comparison of your performance against Best in Class measures
  6. Savings – allowing you to look for opportunities to make savings, through more efficient invoicing systems and process improvements, headcount reductions or sourcing events

A Xoomworks solution

XoomTune is designed for clients that have implemented an SAP Ariba Spend Management solution. Our service gives you a KPI dashboard with results fed back to you in the context of operational effectiveness and pinpointing areas of procedural improvement.

It is designed to help you assess your SAP Ariba implementation and identify opportunities to optimise system performance. Following a comprehensive analysis of your data we will provide you with a standardised Optimisation Report which addresses issues that could be improved to ensure you are obtaining maximum value from your SAP Ariba investment.

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