Deliver the best value from your Source to Pay implementation with XoomTune Pro

Whether you’re looking to make strategic or tactical improvements, continually monitoring your S2P will be key to your ability to deliver savings, reduce risk and increase sales in your procurement organisation. This is where Xoomworks, part of Accenture, can help.

Our XoomTune service provides analysis of your production system data, so you can improve the use of your S2P system and quickly start realising its benefits. And now, XoomTune Pro builds on XoomTune’s snapshot health check concept to bring you a quarterly report containing key elements from your XoomTune report together with insights from your platforms own reporting.

Our newest service highlights the steps you’ll need to take to improve your adoption of the system and gain valuable benefits, including reducing risk, increasing compliance and improving reporting. XoomTune Pro works by scheduling a series of reports from your production system to update your dashboard with this key information.

To read more about the benefits you can expect from XoomTune Pro download the eBook or get in touch with our procurement experts at [email protected].

XoomTune Pro can be used on any S2P system. However, our procurement experts have designed a version of the report that is specific to your Coupa system. Find out more about XoomTune Pro for Coupa here.