Coupa risk management & performance 

Take control of your risk with Xoomworks Implementation and Support Services

Risk is especially relevant in today’s world where we continue to see an increasing level of sophistication from malicious actors, as well as increasing public awareness and responses to such incidents, which can have both a financial and reputational impact on your business.

The Solution

To become a more responsible business and reduce the costs associated with risk or need to either meet regulatory requirements or respond to third party incidents, Xoomworks can equip your organisation with the correct tools.

Coupa Risk and Performance Management helps organisations mitigate the reputational, revenue and regulatory risk posed throughout the full lifecycle of their Supplier and associated third party relationships. Xoomworks can help implement and run the Coupa Risk and Performance Management modules to ensure you take control of your risk.

How it works

Coupa’s automated and efficient digital processes help your risk and compliance teams to:

  • Accelerate risk assessment cycle times
  • Improve service level to- the business
  • Reduce manual work & maximise high-value strategic risk management activities
  • Effectively manage a greater number of suppliers per resource
  • Quickly adapt to evolving regulations and threats levels across multiple risk domains
  • Readily meet regulatory and audit demands

How Xoomworks can help

  • Support on the Implementation of Risk and Performance Management
  • Support on the implementation of the associated Supplier Information Management module
  • Post Go-Live Support2

Xoomworks will work closely with Coupa and yourselves during the implementation phase of your Risk and Performance Management journey. This way we can understand the specific needs of your business and how the systems have been set up to monitor and manage your risk profile. 

To learn more about our approach and the benefits we can help your organisation achieve, download our Value Proposition or get in touch with our procurement experts at [email protected].