Consulting as a service

Xoomworks has transformed the way you buy consulting and implementation services. Our service allows you to implement the leading S2P solution, Coupa and spread implementation and ongoing service support over the duration
of the contract – this means no large upfront capital expenditure.


Ability to buy into Coupa without high capital investment – Xoomworks’ Consulting as a Service enables organisations to spread their implementation
costs over the duration of the contract, as well as benefit from ongoing support and performance management.

Continuos improvement after go-live – XoomTune provides optimisation reviews at 3, 6 and 12 months after go-live to ensure you are getting the most from your investment.

Extra support for your procurement function – Xoomworks can also provide additional support for activities such as supplier enablement or
running sourcing events.

How does it work?

The Coupa solution typically benefits organisations who are seeking to gain better control of their supplier spend, improve visibility and transparency of suppliers, as well as reduce risk around their supplier base and around the products and services that they are purchasing. It also enables organisations to generate savings through better value from their suppliers as well as create more efficient processes.

Xoomworks’ Consulting as a Service is suitable for mid-market organisations who want to transform their spend management through the use of Coupa. This also allows clearer budgeting as implementation and support services are evenly spread across the contract duration.

To learn more about our approach and the benefits we can help your organisation achieve, download our Value Proposition or get in touch with our procurement experts at [email protected].