The ultimate guide on Source to Pay implementation


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    To share the knowledge and key lessons we have learned after 600+ successful Source to Pay implementation projects, we produced a 12-part guide to help you on your journey, and ensure the implementation brings you the benefits you should be achieving.

    Ch. 1 Developing the Procurement Target Operating Model and Business Case

    The success of a Source to Pay implementation programme depends on having a clear picture of the desired ‘end state’ you want to ...

    Ch. 2 Source to Pay System and Implementation Partner Selection

    This ‘Solution Blueprint’ will provide a framework of requirements to build a specific and complete RFP for your solution. The ...

    Ch. 3 Mobilising Resources and Building Project Team Structure

    This stage of the journey sets the foundations for your procurement software implementation project. Success will depend on ...

    Ch. 4 Procurement Change Management

    Even otherwise competent projects can fail if change is not managed effectively.

    Ch. 5 Source to Pay Project Governance

    The Principles to ensure your S2P project stays on track.

    Ch. 6 Effective Source to Pay Solution Design

    Ensuring an optimised S2P solution that supports your business

    Ch. 7 Source to Pay Solution Build and Test

    Driving quality into the heart of your S2P project.

    Ch. 8 A guide to S2P integration best practice

    If you keep your integrations simple, test them rigorously, and design them for low maintenance.

    Ch. 9 Release Management

    Maximise the Benefits of New Features and Improve Business Processes.