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Xoomworks accelerates savings through better sourcing

Sourcing is usually one of the most effective ways to deliver savings. But there is a significant difference between those that do it and those that do it well - top performers achieve four times more savings than average organisations.

For mid to large organisations, there is a difference of many millions, with savings typically lost through poor strategy, tendering, negotiations & compliance.

Xoomworks’ sourcing services close this gap, whether you have an established procurement function, or are just starting on the savings delivery and cost reduction journey. Our sourcing offering allows for a tailored set of defined services for the areas where you need the most support, ranging from simple programmes of e-auctions to complex category management.

While we have saved our clients over £130m, it’s not always just about cost savings - the results must be sustainable!

We work together to agree the most valuable support we can provide from the following:

Sourcing Thumb Spend / Opportunity Analysis

Spend / Opportunity Analysis and Roadmap Creation

  • Data collation and cleansing
  • Data coding and analysis
  • Opportunity analysis and roadmap development
Sourcing Thumb Category Analysis

Category Analysis

  • Spend profiling
  • Supplier data collection
  • Data analysis and verification
  • Supply market analysis
  • Business requirements analysis
Sourcing Thumb Event Design

Event Design

  • Specification agreement
  • Sourcing plan creation
  • ITT/Rfx/auction type agreement
  • Lotting strategy development
  • Stakeholder comms management
Sourcing Thumb Event Build and Preparation

Event Build and Preparation

  • Bid template creation
  • Support docs and rule guides preparation
  • Supplier engagement, registration and training
  • Sourcing platform event configure
Sourcing Thumb Event Management

Event Management

  • Multi-language user and supplier support
  • Live event monitoring
  • Proxy bidding
  • Recorded communications
  • Viewing room
  • Response collation and award
Sourcing ThumbContract Execution and Management

Contract Execution and Management

  • Post event report and wrap-up
  • Contract negotiation, drafting and agreement
  • Performance management strategy definition
  • SRM strategy definition

“The end-to-end sourcing process requires a mix of expertise. Identifying where your strengths lie and when to bring in help is the secret to building strong procurement. We find the best, most progressive people out there aren’t afraid to ask questions and get support.”

Ian Daggr

Ian Dagg, Managing Director

Xoomworks Procurement

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