Procurement Support Services

    Our operational procurement support services deliver a range of solutions to help free up your staff to focus on core tasks. Services include outsourced e-auctions, spend analysis, supplier enablement, AP services, IT service desk, testing and training services.


    Procurement Support Services offering





    eAuction &












    Support Desk

    Download our whitepaper to find out how Xoomworks helped a major manufacturing client by providing eRFX and eProcurement recommendations for supporting direct and indirect procurement deliverables.




    Service Desk

    Xoomworks has many years of experience supporting leading eprocurement systems across a range of service desk activities. All of these services can be tailored to suit your needs, including full governance, management and ITIL best practice.

    We can provide all 3 levels of support or just 1 to work with your internal teams:

    • Multi-language initial contact point for users to obtain help in resolving lower complexity issues and requests such as general “How do I” type questions.

    • Expert knowledge escalation point for more complex issues and requests that require higher level of system and process knowledge. This would include system administration tasks.

    • For On Premise systems this normally means very complex issues, minor change requests and bug resolution. For cloud systems this would be more focused on very complex issues such as integration issues and working with the software provider with system bugs.


    eAuctions & RFX

    Ensuring your spend is actively managed can drive some of the largest savings. We help by offering spend management optimisation.

    Xoomworks services can either be delivered by working closely with our internal sourcing experts as a wider Sourcing & Transformation activity or as an ongoing support of sourcing events.

    Our OPS team has over 16 years’ experience in delivering event support on a range of eprocurement systems covering all main European languages:

    • eAuctions

    • RFX

    Our services are often tailored to specific customer requirements and can use either your own sourcing systems or our own hosted technology.


    Supplier Enablement

    Xoomworks OPS has a dedicated, multi-lingual supplier enablement team to help you get the most from your eprocurement system investment. With experience across 60 clients, we have enabled approximately 200,000 suppliers from simple invoice ‘flips’ to complex cXML punchout integration.

    Procurement systems are most effective when the majority of spend and suppliers are flowing through. In turn, this helps improve the user experience, increase compliance and savings, and reduce costs. Xoomworks OPS can deliver all of the activities below in the majority of European languages utilising well tested tools and processes.

    • Supplier Data collection/Validation

    • Supplier loaded with email PO

    • Non-Strategic suppliers for CSN Invoicing

    • Strategic suppliers for SN Invoicing

    • CSV Catalogues

    • cXML PO/Invoicing

    • Punch-Out Catalogues

    • Onsite Escalation Support

    • Supplier Service Desk

    Our services are often tailored to specific customer requirements and can use either your own sourcing systems or our own hosted technology.


    Release Management

    Xoomworks has over 16 years’ experience of delivering release management services for Cloud eprocurement systems. Release management for cloud systems is a very different challenge to on premise systems. Rather than having releases years apart with cloud systems they can occur several times a year. The benefits of our cloud release management service include:

    • Reduction of internal effort and cost as it will free up potentially expensive internal resources for more strategic activity

    • Identification and promotion of new functionality which will improve the end user experience and increase the use of the system

    • Reduced risk as it will dramatically reduce the risk of key processes within the system from working incorrectly



    A key factor in the success of a procurement function is whether people have the right skill sets. Tailored training sessions with best practice materials specifically designed for your business can make a significant impact in getting the most from your investment – whether this is new technology or a developing team of sourcing professionals.

    Our service runs through a five step process using our own developed and maintained scripts

    • New system users or refresher training – from thousands of P2P occasional users to small groups of expert users

    • In depth system training for administrators and subject matter experts

    • Supplier training for auctions, events and invoicing

    We can deliver these training services in a range of formats depending upon your needs:

    • Production or updating of training materials

    • Onsite face to face sessions

    • Remote sessions via screen share technology

    • Tailored automated training via WalkMe technology


    Transaction Support Desk

    Xoomworks takes the pain away from processing your lower level suppliers by providing a Transaction Support Desk service to provide support to your internal teams, leaving you to focus on your main and more strategic procurement activities.

    Transaction Support Desk provides process support for end users processing low risk or low spend suppliers. The service is resourced to cover two main functions:

    Line Support

    The aim of the service is to free time from our clients’ procurement team so that they can focus on more strategic, complex procurement. It provides assistance, investigation and resolution of basic issues and requests to help.

    Lead Team

    This includes directing our client to relevant training materials and answering: ‘How do I? ’What do I?’ ‘Where do I?’ type questions. This support can also cover new suppliers.

    Using our experts within the transaction support desk, we bring deep expertise across the procurement process which will improve your Source to Pay effectiveness and in return reduces your cost of operation.