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Xoomworks Procurement releases its proprietary optimisation service for SAP Ariba

by | July 3, 2020

We are very happy to announce that the new XoomTune optimisation service, specifically designed for SAP Ariba solutions, is now available.

This is a Xoomworks solution designed for clients that have implemented a SAP Ariba Spend Management solution. XoomTune is designed to help you assess your SAP Ariba implementation and identify opportunities to optimise system performance.

We originally created XoomTune as a Source to Pay optimisation solution a number of years ago and decided that in order to deliver maximum results to clients that have implemented a SAP Ariba solution, we needed to create a version that is specifically designed for the SAP Ariba optimisation.

XoomTune provides our clients with a wide-ranging set of reports and advice across the entire SAP Ariba landscape. These reports will ensure that your SAP Ariba solution is continually improved and consistently delivers on your original business case. XoomTune helps our clients meet their business challenges by focusing on specific areas that, if addressed, would significantly improve the level of process compliance and operational efficiency.

Following a comprehensive analysis of your data we will provide you with a standardised SAP Ariba Optimisation Report which addresses issues that could be improved to ensure you are obtaining maximum value from your Ariba investment.

If you would like to learn more about this service, as well as the areas that are included in the report and some output examples, download our Value Proposition.