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Xoomworks Procurement kicks off 2018 on a path to success

by | April 18, 2018

Xoomworks Procurement is happy to announce the end of a very successful Q1. We started off 2018 on a roll, having signed a number of new clients and starting work on quite a few new projects (as shown in the image below).

It has been quite an exciting Q1 and we’re happy to share some of our achievements…

Since the beginning of the year we signed 15 new clients, on a diversity of projects, from P2P implementation and configuration to procurement support services. No two projects are the same and our procurement experts always manage to adapt to working with companies from a variety of industries.

It has been quite a busy (and by busy, we mean exciting) year so far as we’ve kicked off 47 new projects in the last 3 months. 12 of those focusing on procurement technology implementation.

It stands to reason that procurement technology is till a hot topic this year and companies are looking even more into cloud-based procurement applications to help them create a centralized system and increase the efficiency and productivity of procurement function.

We believe that in order to succeed and ensure continuity, a business needs to find balance between attracting new business and retaining existing clients. And because quality of work is one of our main concerns we’re proud to say that once we sign a client we’ll do our best to ensure a long-lasting relationship with them, one built on trust and respect.

Have a chat with us, transform your procurement function and work with a team that grows alongside your own. We’d like for you to be part of the Xoomworks story!