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Xoomworks is extending business transformation capabilities

by | July 10, 2017

Xoomworks is excited to announce their partnership with Chrys, a management consultancy that drives transformation in enterprises

Xoomworks puts a high value on change management. We pride ourselves in delivering outcomes, not just technical go-lives. Xoomworks needed a change partner with strong global exposure, operational capabilities, as well as the ability to move fast in dynamic markets. That’s precisely why we’ve partnered with Chrys.

Built on decades of change experience by founder Francesca Valli, Chrys takes the complexity out of transformation. At the heart of Chrys’ philosophy is simplicity. Their transformation techniques challenge the belief that large-scale change requires tedious complex steps.

Xoomworks and Chrys have already successfully collaborated with each other. They had come together to drive change in the source-to-pay business domain for a global beverage leader with powerful results.

With Chrys, Xoomworks extends its capabilities in change methodology while boosting leadership and governance. We look forward to the tremendous potential this partnership holds.

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