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SAP Ariba Operational Support for Energy Company

by | March 19, 2018

After a successful migration from an Ariba On-Premise to an Ariba On-Demand environment, a global energy company has extended its collaboration with Xoomworks to further support a smooth transition to a more modern platform.

The client, who is also a top 5 US Manufacturer by market capitalisation, helps its customers deliver electricity from a wide range of fuel sources; from oil and gas to nuclear energy.

Xoomworks’ relationship with the client started off by supporting their migration from an Ariba On-Premise solution to an Ariba On-Demand environment. The aim of the project was to lower the Total Cost of ownership whilst minimising the impact and increasing the business value.

The client decided to move to a more stable and cost-effective platform and an On-Demand solution was the best answer for their goals. Key benefits of an On-Demand solution are that the company maintains ownership and has full control of the system’s setup.

Xoomworks’ involvement in this project focused around supporting a smooth and efficient transition during the migration to the On-Demand environment.

Xoomworks also supported the client with the operational side of the migration, on activities such as non-regression testing of the system, testing of interfaces with other tools, application documentation preparation, user training and template creation/updates.

Overcoming challenges

One challenging aspect to this project was to align all of the complex requirements and business needs to the Ariba platform, which is a very comprehensive solution and one that can bring huge value to the business when configured correctly.

What can sometimes be difficult in large corporations is to convince the employees to use and accept the new system, this is an area that brings in real value and tangible benefits. Moreover, creating a strong communication and effective collaboration between all teams can prove to be a challenge as well. However, by enabling the Xoomworks Supplier On-boarding programme you unlock over 15 years of experience which is delivered in a knowledge sharing framework.

This new project extension has come as a result of the professional work Xoomworks has provided during the past 4 years on release management, data analysis and training. Having an already existing connection with the client, they were highly confident of Xoomworks’ knowledge and capacity to bring additional valuable support into the migration project.

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