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Visit Xoomworks Procurement, part of Accenture at Coupa Inspire EMEA 2022

by | March 7, 2022

Xoomworks Procurement, part of Accenture are proud sponsors of Coupa Inspire EMEA 2022, Coupa’s biggest event of the season.

It’s been too long since we got together with the procurement community and our customers, face to face, to discuss our favorite topic – unleashing the power of spend management and transforming procurement into a valuable corporate asset.

During these past 2 years we’ve done so many great things, achieved so many milestones and helped so many of our customers digitally transform and achieve procurement excellence. We are eager to share everything we’ve learned with the Coupa community.

One exciting piece of news for Xoomworks Procurement is that in October 2021 we became part of the Accenture family. With over 700 procurement implementations completed in more than 120 countries, we remain a specialist procurement consultancy, now part of a global system integrator – which makes us a compelling choice for both mid-market organisations and big enterprise.

Xoomworks can offer an implementation focused service to mid-market SMEs as part of Accenture, or delivery within an enterprise-wide transformation programme.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you transform your procurement into a world-class function, drop by our booth at Coupa Inspire and sit down for a coffee with our team of procurement experts. Book a meeting here.

7 reasons to partner with Xoomworks, part of Accenture for your Coupa implementation

  1. Specialists bring procurement experience to the party: Xoomworks is a specialist consultancy with experts who live and breathe the world of procurement. This means they absolutely understand what you’re trying to achieve. Our mix of industry experience and project skills is a winning combination.
  2. Long term relationships really do make a difference: Xoomworks’ One Team approach means our resources are embedded in your business, working alongside your own staff. Our mid-market approach makes it easier to offer innovative solutions and build longer term relationships that extend beyond the end of a project.
  3. Faster and more agile: Our customers need a team that’s agile and can respond quickly. Xoomworks’ access to a diverse pool of talent has meant that we are able to react quickly and ramp up requirements, and as part of Accenture that capability has been expanded significantly.
  4. Global capability and global presence: Working with Xoomworks as part of Accenture, you will have access to the specific resources you need for your particular project as well as the advantage of global presence and global reach.
  5. Continuous improvement through lessons learnt: we have invested heavily in developing an approach to consulting, and specifically to implementing procurement technology to the mid-market, that incorporates ALL our lessons learnt and re-usable material from over 700 implementations around the world.
  6. Reduce your project risk: risk is further reduced for a specialist consultancy when it has the advantages of operating under the umbrella of Accenture. For procurement technology implementation, it provides access to a wider pool of specialist resources and industry talent
  7. Time to transform your procurement function: With Xoomworks, as part of Accenture, it is now possible in the mid-market to benefit from the best of both worlds. You are partnering with a dedicated and agile procurement consulting organisation, while also benefiting from the comfort of a familiar brand name.

Join us in Berlin, and don’t miss inspiring keynotes, compelling breakout sessions and endless networking opportunities. Register here or reach out to us at [email protected] for a complimentary pass.

We look forward to seeing you in the Inspire exhibit hall, at the Xoomworks Procurement stand!