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The Quest for Sourcing Excellence – how to create value and maximise savings

by | April 3, 2019

The potential for cost savings and the route to achieving your profitability goals lies in lies in a well-designed, well-implemented procurement process.  But one of the key challenges faced by procurement is lack of time and resource. Poor strategy, tendering, negotiations and compliance come all at a cost. Getting it right means finding ways to maximise opportunities for savings and creating value.

Xoomworks Procurement’ latest eBook aims to help business leaders and CPOs think about how they are using resources, and what they need to ask of their external procurement partners to ensure excellence and achieve the desired result in less time.

The eBook takes you through six steps to sourcing excellence self-assessment, so you can identify your skills and strengths, and gives you top tips for creating trust and driving the right results. We also suggest a good practice approach to managing the whole sourcing process.

Download our Quest for Sourcing Excellence eBook here.