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Introducing The Ultimate Guide on Source to Pay Implementation”

by | April 28, 2020

At Xoomworks Procurement we know how important it is to have a good plan in place when implementing a new Source to Pay (S2P) system. 

Our 200+ successful Source to Pay implementation projects have given us valuable insights into how to get the best value from your implementation as well as the mistakes to avoid.

We understand the importance of approaching your S2P implementation as a business transformation, rather than just a technology project. The companies who gain the most benefits from their S2P projects are those that recognise that technology is just an enabler to change the way they do business.

To share the knowledge and key lessons we have learned, we are producing a 12-part guide to help you on your journey, and ensure the implementation brings you the benefits you should be achieving. Each chapter will highlight the things you should be looking out for and strategies to maximise the return on your investment.

The complete guide will cover all the steps of the process, from developing a business case, mobilising resources and executing the plan, through to post-live maintenance and continuous improvement. It will emphasise the importance of defining what you want to achieve as a business, how to manage the change required, and what to do to ensure benefits are realised and maintained following the implementation.

Our “Ultimate Guide on Source to Pay implementation” is organised into the following chapters:

Follow our guide as each chapter is published to lay the foundations for a successful S2P implementation. Sign up to receive the guide here.