Xoomworks helps Pharma company with global Ariba rollout

About the Client

Xoomworks helps major pharmaceuticals organisation rollout end-end Source to Pay Ariba across the globe.

The Challenge

The programme was to implement an end-to-end Source to Pay (S2P) solution for indirect spend, integrating sourcing, purchasing and payments on a common Ariba platform. Goals were to control costs, minimise risks, improve profits and optimise cash flow. With roll-outs in UK, Mexico, Brazil and Spain as part of phase one and a dozen other markets to follow, the challenge was to simplify to a common solution and coordinate go-lives across the Ariba on-demand platform.

The Solution

Xoomworks worked in partnership with the client to identify the areas where our expertise would be most beneficial.

Following these discussions, Xoomworks focused on two core areas:

Business process design with an eye to the regulators: Having worked extensively in the pharamaceuticals industry across a number of major clients, Xoomworks understands the regulatory requirements that need to be met. But at the same time, within a global organisation, there can also be significant benefit in standardising processes.

Making it user-friendly – internally and for suppliers: We understand the need to make easy-to-use solutions to increase usage and compliance. As well as ensuring the latest streamlined Ariba functionality was used, our multi-lingual team worked with each country’s Procurement function to adapt, for example, commodity hierarchies, catalogues and user assistance to meet local needs.

Xoomworks created Ariba templates that targeted specific spend categories such as digital advertising, market research and promotional materials. These helped channel purchasing efforts, while allowing suppliers to punch into the local system and participate in the sourcing process in a consistent way.

We selected Xoomworks because of their in-depth procurement knowledge and expertise, and their experience in building sustainable stakeholder relationships.”’

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