Xoomworks enhances Procurement at Global Energy Company

About the Client

The client was a global energy company with around 93,000 employees.

The Challenge

A global leader in the world of energy generation and transmission had successfully implemented a leading spend management solution.

The Solution

Following conversation between Xoomworks and the client, a number of areas were identified that could be improved:

Spend Analytics They were processing about 500 different data files every month, totaling around 115,000 lines of spend data being manually integrated into the system from about 20 different back end ERPs across the world. There was a single internal over skilled and therefore expensive resource working on this which meant there was a single point of failure with a risk of major errors.

Sourcing and auction support The spend analysis was identifying a number of savings opportunities, but the client needed expert support to structure and run their sourcing programmes so they could be sure they were getting the best value and were able to cover the number of events they had planned.

Training The initial solution implementation had provided training for key users, but with new functionality, more sophisticated use of the technology and a changing workforce, they needed to ensure everyone could continue to use the technology to its greatest effect.

Release Management and Technical Enhancements Procurement wanted to focus on procurement activity, not technology development, and were keen to outsource this activity to experts who could provide best practice support.

We found that they integrated very well with our people and were quickly working as a team. Xoomworks have done a great job for us and I look forward to continuing working with them in the future.

Download the client story to learn more about how Xoomworks provides key support services to save millions at global energy company and free resources to focus on core activities.