XoomTune Drives Continuous Improvement Programme at AIB


  • Business benefits increased through enhanced use of Coupa
  • Regular updates provided for an ongoing, evidence-based change programme
  • Improved efficiency and compliance in purchasing and expenses processes

About the Client

AIB is a financial services group operating predominately in the Republic of Ireland and the UK with a presence in the United States.

AIB’s business has been restructured in recent years with the aim of becoming a customer-focused, profitable and lower risk institution.


AIB were looking to replace their existing procurement system with a new solution to support sourcing, procurement, invoicing and expenses. Xoomworks was selected to implement Coupa.

Significant benefits have been delivered by the change of solution, including the transition to paperless expenses claims, removing the need for 56,000 envelopes per annum. Following a year of successful operations, AIB wanted to maximise the return on its Coupa investment in the new solution, capturing savings, improving efficiency, and gaining full control over its procurement and expenses processes.

Our Solution

Xoomworks proposed the use of their Coupa optimisation tool, XoomTune and worked closely with AIB to deliver the first analysis within six weeks, with a customised expense report delivered in two weeks.

The timing was perfect. After a period of stable operation we were ready to delve further into how our business was operating with Coupa. XoomTune gave us an incredibly clear and detailed snapshot of the progress we had made, but more importantly it highlighted areas that needed focus to increase efficiency and compliance.” Julie O’Shaughnessy, Procure to Pay Manager at AIB

XoomTune provides a comprehensive analysis of the data within Coupa, providing insights into system usage. The results are consolidated into an optimisation dashboard and recommendations are made for actions covering:

  • Supplier payment terms
  • Supplier enablement
  • Spend analysis
  • Compliance
  • Invoicing channels
  • Approval analysis
  • Contact analysis
  • Sourcing analysis
  • Under-utilised Coupa functionality
  • Governance & control

AIB currently analyses performance against the XoomTune reports every quarter with three iterations already completed. The results are presented to senior management, together with a summary showing proposed change actions, based on the insights gained.

Key Results

XoomTune has enabled AIB procurement experts to focus their efforts on areas that will bring the most benefit to the business. The organisation now has visibility of how Coupa is being used in procurement, particularly who is purchasing what and how, and has identified the areas where action was needed.

For AIB, some of the key benefits for using XoomTune are:

  • More purchases being made from the catalogue, increasing realisation of benefits from hard-won contracts with suppliers
  • More supplier engagement, including acceptance of electronic POs, improving processing efficiency
  • Revised roles and access, increasing compliance with approvals and reducing retrospective POs
  • Revised supplier terms, based on analysis of payments, improving cash flow
  • Identification of opportunities to use Coupa better, prompting a relaunch of the sourcing module
  • Re-engineered internal KPIs, based on performance data from XoomTune

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