Supermarket secures success with Xoomworks

About the Client

A major international IT firm recruited Xoomworks specialists for the expertise needed to resolve SAP problems.

The Challenge

A large UK county council had adopted SAP to deal with its multi-million pound budgets serving the people in its area to the south of London. The council engaged one of the world’s leading global IT consultancies to install and implement the system which covered HR, finance and procurement. The consultants, however, soon encountered problems integrating SAP’s SUS module which provides a portal for suppliers to service their purchase orders and invoices. After several unsuccessful weeks attempting to get the modules to work, the consultants called in Xoomworks, who were known for their expertise in such specialist areas.

The Solution

At a meeting with the head of the project, Xoomworks immediately identified the problem: the SUS module could not be installed into the “Extended Classic” version of SAP being used at the council without some modification.

With previous experience of the particular difficulty, Xoomworks was able to recommend a fast, effective way to solve it. Xoomworks quickly produced a functional specification for the programme enhancement to fi the module and enable it to work efficiently in the SAP environment.

Working with the consultants and the council’s business functional leads, we sent the specification to the consulting firm’s offshore team in India and project managed the programme enhancements. The offshore team produced the complex programme enhancements within weeks and these were integrated into the SAP system.

“Xoomworks are very professional and demonstrate real technological expertise. They got the system up and running very quickly so that we could see how it worked and, just as important, they were able to explain what was happening in simple language. Their documentation was excellent, very easy to read and understand. Xoomworks built up a good relationship with all of us – they were always there if we wanted to ask a question.”

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