Start optimising your spend and reducing costs with XoomTune – Spend Management Solution

About the Client

CityFibre, provider of wholesale full-fibre network infrastructure, had a quick start implementation of their Coupa system to get them up and running in a short period of time. They had been running for just over 12 months when our Coupa consultants first started discussing how a review of their processes could help them understand their current pinch points.

A leading drinks provider uses our spend management optimisation tool to gain significant benefits with Coupa. Our consultants uncovered key opportunities when we produced the XoomTune report that would leverage the benefits of their Coupa implementation.


Our Coupa consultants carried out an optimisation review and were able to identify a number of areas that would have benefited from some additional attention. Interestingly, CItyFibre had a perception that some of these highlighted areas were not performing as well as they should and that there were areas that could improve on.

The Xoomtune report confirmed these views and was able to put some hard data behind the issues and made them measurable so that progress could be tracked.

For the leading drinks provider, the report revealed a number of areas that needed improvement. This included invoicing, active users, opportunities to rationalise the fragmented supplier base and the investigation of dormant suppliers who had been onboarded but were not using yet the system.

The Solution

XoomTune is a spend management optimisation service from Xoomworks that provides advice and expertise to ensure benefits are identified and achieved from your Spend Management solution. It enables you to ensure your solution is continually improved and delivers on your original e-procurement business case.

5 areas where XoomTune can help:

  • Keeping abreast of new releases after go live
  • Interpreting data from a variety of procurement sources
  • Identify Supplier Master Data Quality Issues
  • Identify Compliance Issues and Efficiency Opportunities
  • Improving repeatable spend through leveraging catalogue item

To learn more about XoomTune download the client story.