Global insurance group reaches 89% supplier enablement

About the Client

With over 10,000 employees, our client is one of the world’s leading insurers focused on the provision of general insurance, life insurance and health insurance.


The leading global insurance company wanted to improve its business practices by enabling as many of its suppliers as possible to invoice electronically with the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP). The client was in the process of migrating to Coupa and needed to speed up supplier onboarding to achieve this in as short a space of time possible. But without supplier enablement experience the insurer`s ambitious aims were proving to be a challenge and it was not achieving the success metrics it had hoped for.

The Solution

Xoomworks Procurement was selected to accelerate the process of onboarding both high volume and lower priority suppliers onto the CSP. To help achieve this it created a Coupa Supplier Support webpage where suppliers could register and access useful support documents.

The supplier enablement programme for strategic suppliers included individual training sessions and supporting suppliers through to the point of submitting their first invoice.

For non-strategic suppliers enablement support was provided via email and the Coupa Supplier Support webpage hosted by Xoomworks, as well as the opportunity to attend training webinars.

Key benefits

  • Supplier onboarding really speeded up enabling 89% of the firm’s high priority suppliers to be able to invoice directly within weeks, rather than months
  • ‘How to’ information on the support webpage enables suppliers to find out everything they need to know quickly about how to start transacting electronically
  • Once onboarded to the CSP, the integrated invoicing allows suppliers to get paid more quickly and easily, within their agreed terms
  • Suppliers can also manage company profiles and remit-to information, receive purchase orders and create and distribute customer-specific electronic catalogues.

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